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    Being a weekend father was not my choice
    I wasn't even heard, like I had no voice
    But I try
    I try to hold it together when I'm breaking on the inside
    There are permanent canals engraved on my face for the times I cried
    Cause being just a weekend father isn't enough
    Maybe it was set up to call my bluff
    I remember when they were little and the silly thing they would do
    I remember watching them sleep on my chest and I thought how cool
    How I wish those days would never end
    But the grow up and who am I to pretend
    And only being able to see them on the weekend
    Is a pain I would not wish upon my enemy or friend
    And I try
    I try to make the most of the time I have
    Where I try to teach them and not just laugh
    But the time goes too fast
    How can I make these moments last
    I try
    Friday & Saturday is cool but Sunday is real hard.I have to hold it together can't let them know that I'm breaking
    So I keep them smiling on that drive home.. And I tell them I love them and will see them next week...

    And I try
    I try not to let them see me cry
    But I want them to understand why
    It's because I love them so
    It's because I don't want them to go
    So Sunday - Thursday I'm like shattered shards of glass
    Trying to keep busy so the time will pass
    So that when Friday comes around I appear to be whole
    And I pick them up and looks like I'm in control
    I try
    But a weekend father is for me just not enough
    And this time when I'm alone I don't have to be so tough
    And I cry
    I just want them to know why..
    Cause I love you
    Cause I miss you
    Just want to hug you and kiss you...
    I try
    My daughter did something to me that almost made me burst into tears
    She put her arm around me and I had not felt that in years..