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    Week of FREE Events & Classes at AbibitumiKasa .com!!!

    Take part in a week of FREE events at www. abibitumikasa .com! Click here for our full schedule: http://www. abibitumikasa .com/forums/calendar.php

    Who: Any Afrikan (Black) Person

    What: FREE Online Events

    When: Monday-Sunday, October 27th-November 2nd

    Where: AbibitumiKasa Member Classroom located at http://www. abibitumikasa .com/forums/chat/flashchat.php

    (Must be registered and logged in as a Member to our FREE forums to access the member classroom)

    How: Simply register, then login at the appropriate time mentioned below

    Why: To reAfrikanize and de-whitenize parts of the brain others can’t reach!

    Take advantage of one FREE class this week only as we kick off a new 8 week session of classes online starting with:

    Introductory Yoruba, Monday, October 27th at 7:30PM EST at our member classroom.

    Be sure to be register for FREE at our forums here:

    http://www. abibitumikasa .com/forums/register.php

    or logged in if you have already registered here:

    http://www. abibitumikasa .com/forums/login.php to gain access to our member classroom here:

    http://www. abibitumikasa .com/forums/chat/flashchat.php

    Then, on Tuesday we have an Introductory Akan (Twi) class October 28th at 7:30PM EST

    Wednesday is the big kickoff of Intermediate Yoruba October 29th at 7:30PM EST.

    Thursday is time for the much anticipated Intermediate Akan (Twi) on October 30th at 7:30PM EST.

    Then check out the Big Event as Baba Runoko kicks off his AROUND THE WORLD WITH RUNOKO RASHIDI class with a free web lecture at 9:00PM EST.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to sit down with the only human being who has visited over 90 countries in 9 years!

    Finally, don't forget about Wolof Class occurring Sunday, November 2nd at 2:00PM EST

    Remember, all classes are held in our member classroom at

    http://www. abibitumikasa .com/forums/chat/flashchat.php

    and that you must be registered and logged in to attend. To register, click here: http://www. abibitumikasa .com/forums/register.php

    To login if you already are among our 1000+ members, please visit http://www. abibitumikasa .com/forums/login.php

    If you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to register and pay for Afrikan Language Classes and/or Dr Runoko Rashidi’s AROUND THE WORLD class here

    http://www. abibitumikasa .com/Register.php and http://www. abibitumikasa .com/Medaase.php


    Take care, stay BlackNificent, and I look forward to seeing you in this week’s EXCITING BLACKNIFICENT FREE EVENTS!!!

    AbibitumiKasa Faculty and Staff
    http://www. abibitumikasa .com
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    Is this over with? everytime I go to the site its dead.