Black Poetry : Weapons of AZ Destruction - An Xtreme War Begins


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Da ride

I extend an open invitation, just cum inside
I'm ready to get strapped into an Xtreme ride
You've got me shaking in my boots and its not from fear
I just hope you're ready for what I've got right here
I'm jus_dat_nice and you're Xtreme
So when we get together is like something out your dreams
So get yourself hot and let your hands explore
Because for sure I want whatever you've got in store

Tonight is da night of fire
fill wit compassion and deep desire
extreme bliss has enter ya home
where my love and hand now roam
going deep down ya spine
relax because ya behind is mine
drifting into da maze of my gliss
seal wit one chocolate kiss
movin low to where ya hot
fingertips caressin ya center spot
going lip to lip sensually wit a twist
as u purrr and eroticly arrive
spreaded wide callin me inside
buckin, jumppin, can't get loose
i'm da engine ur da caboost
rounding out ya tenderness
liquidy sweet pour from ya hips
now ya in this mix a war only love can fix
fans and air can not help
cold shower will not do
only the blazzing of da $$RICHNE$$ stew
tongue twister,finger tingler, lip blisser
workin ya kitty wit affection
nail diggin sheet squeezing moan so pleasin
but u not out just yet cause i'm not through
wit da kitty kat ......meow it cry soakin wet
and our bodies burstin in sweat

get ready for what else u gonna get !

:blob fire::blob fire::blob fire::tongue3::blob fire::blob fire::blob fire:

sweet apple*pie

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May 14, 2006
East Coast
I am a student, and all though it is hardwork, it
Good Evening Gentlemen.....if I may call you that, LOL

Enough of this!!! Its time to slice this apple pie and serve it up piping hot....Rich....get & So'ja...get your plates ready...Bishop has spoken.....

Bishop, you are a tRip, my man!!!! I see that you have served that pie UP, friend!!!!!!

man i pulled out my black plate so i can see every drop of it , i'm not gonna leave one crumb
Boy, you are so Cr@zy, it's ridiculous!!!!!

Black Plate....H A HA HA H A HA!!!!! Oh, richie you and bishop are a straight MeSs!!!

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