Black Poetry : Weapons of AZ Destruction - An Xtreme War Begins


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Sitting here in my House of Light
wondering how to put this request
a request that I normally
bury in
sensual metaphors
and lyrical dissertations
but tonight
just going to be
every once in a while
you just gotta get some
and I want some az right about now...
big az
small az
round az
flat az
don't matter
just need a home
for my manhood
doggie style
hot and heavy
not ride or die
but ride and fly
cause I got a weapon of Az destruction
and i'm laying the pipe
hope your hemmorhoids
aint flaring
but if so they about to get removed
better than preparation H
wanna hit
till you feel nauseated
wanna knock something out of joint
make your titties smack you in the face
and your az cheeks
slap hard against my thighs
I wanna slap that az
till that ebony hue
turns bright red
I wanna twirl inside it
dip inside it
scoop you up
and slam hard up in it
faster and faster
until you dont even know your name
lay on your face and push it up higher
let me go deeper
your nirvana
has been acheived
I wanna cum inside
cum outside
until it runs down our legs and thighs
to the 10th power
can you see the light
33rd degree
got you flying to the star in the east
with every thrust
your az come back for more and more
I aint stopping
the search for Weapons of Az destruction is over
here I am
come get some...


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Mar 21, 2001
Once u cross da sea of love
then i await just above
ready hot willing and able
to blast ya like ya mable
cause i want some now
extreme style
doggie style
front & back door
buck from da side
time i ride
go deep sweet down
between da sheets
to hard dive
shift in ova drive
cum inside like an explosion
from this sensual devotion
rub u down in my lotion
dat will cause a convotion
so cum give me some
no need to run
tyme we have fun
i wanna go face first
tongue twist my curse
rip off ya skirt
do the jerk as i flirt
ya center mound
rock ya body in a single bound
give it up
be my lickin buckin stuff
see ya gonna be a double scoop
under da extrem rootz
we going to war
from da bed to da floor
got my weapon call boozka joe
to hit ya like never before
eroticly to da core
give me some i want some
get ready to feel da whip of my tongue
Da war just begun
don't run !!!!!!

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