Black Spirituality Religion : Wealth Mindset vs. Poverty Mindset! Have You Evaluated Yours?

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    The Eleven (11) Wealth Habits are designed to assist you with obtaining your personal goals and dream. It will develop a maturity in your personal and business life. One of the keys to becoming a practitioner of wealth habits is," wealth habits determines wealth conditions....while poverty habits determine poverty conditions!" In experiencing these wealth habits, YOUR WEALTH IS THE EXPERIENCE OF YOUR JOURNEY ACCUMULATED! Once you have chosen a mindset of wealth consciousness, wealth habits are sure to follow.

    11 Wealth Habits for Spiritual and Material Growth

    Wealth Habit # 1 Do It First - The Law of Abundance

    Wealth vs. Poverty Mindset

    Wealth begins with the act of faith an attitude of results. Poverty is based on the spirit of lack something for nothing. Once you take action, by doing It first there will be a response to the action that is always referred to as a life lesson. A wealth consciousness is always looking for opportunity and solution. A poverty consciousness will make excuses and look for reasons not to take action. Acknowledging, Accessing, and Applying your abundance is your true wealth resources. Abundance is the conscious state of knowing everything that you need is present. Abundance is the essence in which God has deposited in every human being, which is the power of the spiritual order resonating inside that you can resonate to that level if you so choose or desire. Most people are running from their abundance or misusing their abundance by making it something other than what it is in its spiritual essence created by the Creator of the universe. Your true wealth is the journey of the experience that you gain seeking opportunity and personal development. Your true wealth is the journey itself, the experience you will gain seeking opportunity through personal development. When you acknowledge you know, when you access you feel, once you experience (apply) you understand. That is of importance, something you want to note. You will see this play out over and over again in your life. In the cycles of development, there are three stages in the Law of Abundance. Acknowledging knows but its not understanding that is the first stage. Accessing from the thought to the feeling puts the power in us to take action. And the taken action is the experience or the application what gives us the understanding. That’s why we say just do It, just do it first get it done, the more you do it whatever it is be aware of the response that comes back. This is what is called life lessons. Once you have chosen a mindset of wealth consciousness, wealth habits are sure to follow. Everything starts with thought and the more we begin to understand the wealth of abundance-- understanding everything that you need is present with you.

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