Black People : We will survive if we recognize our need for one another.

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    We will survive if we recognize our need for one another

    For 300 years we were confined in what was called chattel slavery. It was a period of gestation in the womb. America couldn’t go on. Like any mother, when it’s time, you’ve got to lay down and give birth to the child, or you die, or the baby dies or both die.

    In 1865, they said "you are free." They couldn’t hold us in slavery, that narrow place of confinement. We had outgrown it. So the baby comes to birth, but the cord still is not cut. You have the ability to breathe on your own, to see, to think, but you are still tied to your slave master and his children, not in a proper, but in a very improper way. With nobody to serve your needs, your rights, your interests, you are laying in an open field now. Nobody to wash you with water and you are polluted in the blood of the womb. What is the blood of the womb? It’s the life of slavery that gave you a slave mentality, this terrible feeling of inferiority. There is some damage that has been done. The baby is born, but it’s born damaged. It doesn’t know where it belongs. And if it knows where it belongs, it can’t go there because the cord that’s tying it has not been cut.
    In the year 2002, we are polluted by the life of slavery.

    How are we going to change? We don’t know how. Somebody has to walk by and say, "live." Not only say it, but produce life, spiritually. Not only are we messed up spiritually, but the life that we lived in slavery was immoral. The enemy never wanted marriage as an institution. Make babies and let the slave master take care of them. Is that still going on? Somebody needs a washing, don’t you think? The slave master went into our women and produced all these different shades and colors and textures of hair and shapes of noses and lips. He made those badges of honor and dishonor depending upon how light you were, how straight your hair was, how close you were to the image of perfection, which was White supremacy. That had a terrible effect on us mentally that needs repair to this day.
    Why do our organizations die from within? Because the enemy can easily pit one of us against the other, because we’re so filled with jealousy and envy. When somebody appears to be more talented, we feel we must fight with him or her, rather than join him or her and help him or her.
    Then, there are those of us who have been educated on the principle that the more you know, the more money you can get for what you know, so knowledge is not for cultivation. Knowledge is for you to gain the creature comforts of life oftimes at the expense of others. Somebody needs a washing here.

    We’ve been here longer than anybody else, except the Native Americans and those who brought our fathers here in the beginning, and what do we have to show economically for the knowledge that we possess and the money that flows through our hands on a yearly basis? That’s why a monetary solution alone will not work. The mentality of the slave is such, that if you gave him money, within a month it would be right back in the hands of the former slave masters and their children.
    You have spiritual damage, mental damage, emotional damage, psychological damage, political damage. Did I say social damage? Did I say scientific damage? We’ve been so damaged that the prophets referred to us as dead. Ezekiel offers a picture of us as dried bones in a valley. The bones could hear great teachers and they would shake and they would rattle, but they wouldn’t do anything. You have had some of the greatest teachers that ever walked the earth.

    Elijah Muhammad, whether you agreed or disagreed with him, said to me one day that he wanted us to have 8 or 10 states. Let them move out and leave everything. Don’t tear anything down. Leave the institutions, leave everything there and we will move in. And then we want you to take care of us for the next 20-25 years, until we are able to go for ourselves. Now don’t say you (Whites) can’t do it, because you’ve been taking care of Israel for 54 years. And Israel has not contributed to this nation like we have.

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "Perhaps I know that they won’t give us one state, not even as small as Rhode Island, but that doesn’t stop me from asking." He said, "I want my people to know what justice looks like." Justice is not a White woman. I’m not saying that you can’t fall in love. But what I am saying is we cannot accept their daughter as payment. We cannot accept their son as payment. We cannot accept your weak attempt at affirmative action as payment. We cannot accept welfare as payment. Brothers and sisters, when you add up what we have suffered and what we have contributed to a country, that to this day denies us the principle of justice, such measures are insufficient. Whites may say, "well, ya’ll ain’t never going to get nothing from us." I wouldn’t be so quick to say that. I saw what you did to O. J. Simpson. He got through the court all right. He was pronounced not guilty. But you couldn’t be satisfied with that. You brought him back to court and found him responsible. You started stripping him of whatever money he had that he didn’t hide because you said no, he’s not guilty, but he is responsible.
    The present generation of Whites is not guilty. But we have to ask, are you willing to accept responsibility? You say, "Well, I didn’t do anything to those people" No, but you live a privileged life because of something that happened to us.

    (an excerpt of a message delivered by Minister Farrakhan at Plymouth United Christian Congregational Church in Washington, D.C., on August 16, 2002)
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    The Minister is correct and exact

    We either unite or perish!
    The global oligarchy has been working feverishly towards our genocide for the past 50 years,
    and there is no time for divisiveness.

    The Afrikan American community, especially, should vastly overhaul and reconstruct its educational orientation toward a knowledge of the Motherland. It must realize that its own economic salvation is coterminous with or tied to that of Afrika's. It must invest money and human resources in Afrika's development and perceive its economic prosperity as its special responsibility and mission…
    The Afrikan American community must become vigilantly and jealously interested in U.S. and European policies toward Afrika and seek to influence those policies in both its own and Afrika's favor."
    excerpt from Blueprint for Black Power, by Dr Amos Wilson

    Imperialism is alive and well, and the Libyan invasion by Western forces is the latest example. Only a united Africa protecting and defending the interests of her own people collectively can defeat the imperialists.

    An Injury to one is an injury to all!