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Nov 16, 2011
lol whatever "it" is...if it's my awesome looks n winning personality, then yes...i've got IT
I'll get back to you on that. :p

Just messing--I'm sure you're:


Though, I hear, when children snitch, you're all:



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Dec 12, 2002
Kemetstry and MsInterpret ... yall are acting like folk are complaining too much ... and neither of you have received or fielded one complaint from any Member ... i don't understand ... where are you getting your information from ... who do you think is complaining so much ... snitching ... etc.?

what you are speaking on, you have no first hand knowledge of the things you're talking about ... you're guessing ... and i'm telling you that you're wrong ... even if you were right .. how can it bother you so ... when you don't have the work to do ... you don't have the issue to resolve ... you don't have the responsibility to take care of the problem ... nothing ... yet you're complaining as if you're tired of having to do the work ??

i don't get it ... why yall so mad ?

what you think is happening ... isn't even happening ... but you don't want to take my word for it ... the person who actually knows ... instead ... you want to complain about all the complaining ... and it doesn't even exist ... not to the degree yall are talking ... where it's a problem in any way, shape, form or fashion

i don't get it


i barely myself report a violation until yesterday because yes it has gotten out of hand to where the person resorted to name calling and it kept on going on and on. So if I'm one of the snitches then ok. I rather report than say something screwed up back, but not only was it me they were disrespecting, it was other members that same person was disrespecting too and it comes a time when a person determines when it gets outta hand.

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