Black Entertainment : We Need More African-Americans to Play RPGs?

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    I suggests we need more African-Americans to play RPGs. RPGs like Action RPG, Turn-based, Tactical-RPG, and ones that are mixed with simulation. Heck, even games that has RPG elements. Also, racing, and platform games like Mario Kart and Super Mario. Not free-to-play or pay-to-win MMORPGs, but instead the types of RPGs listed above. Because commonly playing this genre has what the black community needs. If your having a problem finding a RPG to play on your gaming systems, Google search a list of games for the current handheld/console you own. You should see a list of games for that game system by their game title and genre. Right-click an interesting game title by opening a new tab to check the game's genre or its ratings before making a purchase online on in any gaming retail store. If you can't find the game your looking for in game retail store, your probably better off purchasing it off of Amazon or Ebay.

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