Black People : We MUST start thinking with a GLOBAL perspective or PERISH!

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    Let me start by saying that one of my pet peeves are Afrikans that act like if they think outside a 10 SQ. block radius, they will be brought up on charges or MASSA gon whip their feet! We MUST start thinking from a worldwide perspective and thinking as 1 PEOPLE! We are getting better at this day by day! But much more work has to be done. Myself included. I for the last year have tried to rid myself of the Euro mindset that has me distinguising amongst Afrikans.. You know, West Indians, Haitians, Afrikans, South Africans, Somalies etc... Before we can think GLOBAL as Afrikans, we must rid ourselves of the "junk mail" in our inboxes. I am tryin at all times to not inject these class, religious and tribal so called differences in my day to day life as an AFRIKAN. We MUST band together, act as brothers and sisters and for Gods sake stop Throwing up these phony mental roadblocks! I know and have AFRIKANS in my family from all over the globe. Trust me, the differences are only cosmetic. :)

    In order that we may better both ourselves (first) and AFRIKANS both here and abroad, we have to think that we are ONE! No more "Those people" or "Those Afrikans". When we think about buying property, investing, living as well as our life partners. let's make our choices as FREE AFRIKANS! Break out of our main shackles that try and have us think that anywhere in the world that AFRIKANS live is BAD, DIRTY, POOR or DISORGANIZED! We are a :great::great::great: People! The ONLY Original Man! Now, we gotta start livin it and LOVIN it!:heart::heart: