Chief Elder Osiris : We Have Yet To Revolt In Pursuit Of Our Freedom From America, Why?

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
By Chief Elder Osiris:

We have brilliant Minds and yet it seem as if such brilliancy is without Wisdom and you see beloved, we may claim all knowledge and understanding about a lot of things and to be without Wisdom in dealing with those things that are affecting us Black Folks, that is what have us the way that we are today and it most certainly is not a way of life to be desired by wise people.

The lack of wisdom is liken to a jumbo jet with a hole in its fuel tanks, big in form and fast losing substance, a Race without wisdom to guide, is a race doomed to serve and experience the misery in life and not to lead, such is the description of the newly transformed Afrikan people of today, no longer resembling themselves, when in the days of yore, the Time the gods our First Way Ancestors walked this planet.

Many suggestion are floated around as to what we must do to save ourselves as a Nation, never a plan of strategy that will put us in motion to accomplish the goal of freedom, because you see, we can not become free within the confine of somebody else house where you reside in a state of weakness, why, because while in that house, you must follow that house rules and when you have played no part in setting the rule, then you end up conforming to those rules and when you must conform to rules you did not set for your self, then that is the sign of you not being free, and today, the so call Black Afrikan in America is a Conforming Black people, so much so now, until we refer to the framers of this America country Rules and Laws that now govern this country as our founding fathers, the very devilish people who approved of the Enslaving of our Ancestors in Afrika, yet after over four hundred years of conforming embarrassment, we Black people have yet to revolt in America not for civil Rights in America, but for our freedom from America, a topic we Black Folks refuse to give serious consideration for ourselves, always ready to offer an excuse as to why it can not be done.

Black people will never be able to change America, Obama change is not about constructive change for Black people in America, that type of constructive change will come only by the action of the children of the middle passage, because Black constructive change for Black People in America is about Freedom away from America, so you see, the change Obama have in store for you, such is to come to you by you assimilating into the melting pot of America, the change that racial assimilation will bring to us Black so call Afrikan Americans and we are programmed to embrace such an act of self destruction, both physically as well as mentally, and if Obama is your desired preview of who you are to become in America, then I invite you to behold Barack Obama in the way that he think, referring to himself as an exotic Afrikan American, which is What and who we are to become, and is already in the making to become.

I know, there are most of us Black folks in America who see nothing wrong in becoming just like Obama, we even now desire to breed the new Obama Ethnicity, the group that lie about loving their Black heritage and lie about their desire for Afrika and you tell me that those Black so call Afrikan people in America who now stand at the cross road, desiring to be of the Obama change, is that a position for us Black Folks in America and that we should desire for ourselves, and to be proud of being in the Obama position?

There is nothing constructive that can be discussed in depth concerning Black People needs on this inter net, especially nothing that has to do with Black people freedom, which mean, as long as we remain confined to this inter net for discussion, it demonstrate a lack of seriousness on our part, concerning all of that we talk about on the inter net, which is about all that Black people is made to shoulder in this world unjustly, and what we want America to give us, as we consent to be America children, asking America to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves, and most certainly what we want America to give us, it certainly is not about Freedom for Black people, we who are in America, and it was of no choice of our own.

America and her European Allies are getting ready to take the world into its last war, the true war of mass destruction and Black people are here singing praises to Obama and making claim that we now have nothing to complain about in America, now that Obama has come, we sing such deceiving songs while Bush is antagonizing the former Soviet Union, now Russia, the Nation with the capacity to send Nuclear War Heads to America and we Black people have been led to live a mind full with fantasy about America, when it is America now facing an economic clasped, as America depend on China for America economic survival, China an ally of Russia, a Super power in and of her own Military strength.

It is Time out for pursuits for the common civil rights wants, not even Obama represent such a gift to you, Obama is operating as if Racism and Foul prejudice can be defeated in America and that he will be that agent of change for that purpose, and now that is all Black folks are being conditioned to believe they want, just an opportunity to compete, and I ask for what? certainly not for our freedom and there can be no justice without freedom.

There are some Black folks who have picked up the illogical Slogan, if you do not vote you have no right to complain, why not do I have the right to complain, when it is my oppression that is giving you the right to vote.

So, the want coming from us, to say such a thing as that, which is, if you do not vote you have no right to complain, it is as if to say that, If you do not choose to participate in the furthering of our mental demise, we have no right to complain about what we see to be the Evil that attack us, and what it is doing to us, and what we need to do in order to escape the injustice we experience in America.

As long as we remain in America, we have every right to point out the evil therein, whether we are supporting America behavior toward us or condemning America behavior toward us..

Any revolution by us in America, should be a revolt in pursuit of our freedom away from America and not to change America.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder


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