Black People : We Have Been Well Contitioned

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
We Have Been Conditioned To Believe In Reverse And Not Think First!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

There is so much that the Black Afrikans Don't Know about our Black Selves Until it is not enough to make the claim that we believe, education has you believing but Learning has you with the information required to Know about, beloved!!!

Any Black Afrikans who believe it is prudent to use those white racist methods of verifying things as being True and False, is of no Liberation Benefit to Afrika and Black Afrikan people because it verifies that you know not what God Is and is now comfortable in believing who God is and do I need to remind you that belief is a Demon to the Divine Mind of Black Divine Cosmic Universal Beings who no longer function in the abyss of our Divinity, as a matter of fact, we Black Afrikans been made to believe we are not qualified to be Divine, Just Human-like that white racist Luciferian Human Being!!!

Given the present state of the Black Afrikan of today Mind, it is not Time to share the quality of information that is meant to be innerstood by a Divine Mind which dwells in the freedom of thought and to share such Divine quality of information that is of real actual Time backed up by experience be it in reference to our past or present is liken to put what need to be exposed after you have done what needs to be done to cause the Black Afrikans to be able to Think in the environment of Freedom of Thought and today the Black Afrikans live life in confinement under the control of lies and acts of deception, beloved.

The Ancient Of Ancient of our First Way Ancestors the Divine Beings who now being referred to as Kemetian of the first present Time when we came to occupy this Earth Planet who in fact were Divine Black Universal Being without an earthly identity for they are/were travelers of the Universe in possession of information that allowed them to know what constitutes the Greater Good, God to be the Divine Essence of all things physical and appears not to be physical, Divine Energy Intelligence in perpetuity, Infinite in Its Existence.

So, whenever you attempt to teach for the sake of having the Black Divine Being of today been converted to believe themselves to be just like our oppressors, Human Beings, you must know that the Universal Technological Quantum Performance that our Ancient of Ancient was qualified to do in establishing the Greatest Civilization on this Planet Earth, was the fact of their Divinity, their Freedom of Thought.

So today, we Black Afrikans rising back to gain control of our Divine Mind and is with the obligation to bring about the Liberation of the Mind of present-day so call Black Afrikans who label ourselves after our oppressors way of identifying themselves we must in our state of confined oppression, first become Free, before we will be able to grace with appreciation the power our Ancient of Ancient Universal Black Universal Ancestors were capable of accomplishing by the act and control of Freedom of Mind thinking ability.

This is why I share with Black Afrikans that there is nothing that rises above Freedom for the Divine Essence, the Greater Good -God is enwrapped in Freedom, that is the fundamental nature of the Greater Good-God, beloved!!!

Religion is not of the Greater Good-God, it benefits from expounding on the Greater Lies About the Greater Good-God and not until the Divine Mind become active again in the process of Thinking by the today so call Black Afrikan people, we Black Afrikans will remain a people living in reverse to knowing first the Divine Truth which informs us Black Afrikans of the power of importance that our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation is to Afrika and to the Black Afrikan people of today who is in need of becoming Free again, for it is Freedom that is our identity and the Dark/Black Infinite Universe represent the Freedom of our Blackness, Divine it is and not profane as it is proclaimed to be by that white racist Luciferian Human Being and no Thinking Black want to be white Afrikans of today.

We Black Afrikans today have the obligation of becoming organized, bodily, Mentally, and Spiritual again, such is the key to unlock the chains that hold the Mind of Black Afrikans in the prison of Belief, a mind that demand no Freedom, just welfare privileges, no Greater Good to a Divine Mind, beloved.

Divine Respect

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