Black Spirituality Religion : We have a lot to unlearn

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    Out of the book "'the purpose"'

    Many people go to a counselor with a personal or relational problem that took years to develop and say "'i need you to fix me ",:climb: i,ve got an Hour. They naivly expect a quick solution to a long-standing ,deep-rooted difficulty.Since most of our problems -and all of our bad habits-didnt develop overnight,its unrealistic to expect them to go away immediatly.
    There is no pill ,prayer or ,or principle that will instantly undo the damage of manny years .

    (auroraflower ads sumthing to this:D ...well somthimes people do reseave liberation in a strong prayer or cast out of a bad spirrit let keep that open and keep praying But work work work to and like he says some things take time, i just wanted to ad this with all my respect cause i am a fan of these teachings i be quiet now :zipit: and lets continue lol)

    It requires the hard work of removal and replacement.The bibel calls it "taking of the old shelf"" and putting on the new self"' while you were given a brand new nature at the moment of conversion ,you still have old habits,
    patterns,and practices that need to be removed and replaced.

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    It's true. Being brought up in a corrupt world will leave one with much to unlearn, but it can go pretty fast depending on how willing one is to unlearn all the lies we are taught everyday.

    We have to take off the old self, and place on a new self in the image of the Father, which is His Son, our Savior. Doing this, we'll learn all of what is true, in faith, and will see what it means to believe in the Word, bringing us to redemption. We'll understand in faith, the Son's sacrifice for our sins, and see how small it is for us to sacrifice that which we have for His Name's sake. We'll know of and believe in His resurrection from the dead, and have the promise of the same life eternal He has in the Father.

    The Father makes all things new, and so we'll be renewed in wisdom and our love toward our KING, the Most High.