Jul 2, 2003
We need to do more to support the Football Players that are now supporting kneeling.
What could we do with all of our buying power?
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Jul 2, 2003
Yes it is Political. CAUSE MONEY TALKS... B.S. :bs:WALK'S

This is why FOOTBALL in 2016 in general should be boycotted. I stated this before, for months, put an end to Television, Sports and Wasted BUYING POWER in general.
BUT WE KNEW THIS (#1) FACT out of ( 10 ) Listed!!!
WAY before 2012​






NO... instead, there will be rooting for the PAC12, MARCH MADNESS ...on down to the FINAL 4...
Endless, Watching of the BASEBALL DISTRACTION.
Cheer for the Teams, where are our cheerleaders for JUSTICE and SCORING?

ROMAN a degree.​
Market Research Data Phenomenon, and Consumer Commodity Manipulation Pieces.

Hard to Intimate, Currently Manipulated, Kept Last at the Gate,Wants that Change, Need to Build Again, Must Now Create. Influencing Force.

I quit watch FOOTBALL in 2011. Dont watch Baseball, Basketball, could care less about the team, stats and players.
Basketball.. our GAME, I saw them running down the court, then I switched the news off.

Nielsen report confirms blacks watch more TV than any other group

2016 puts it a lot higher over 1.1 TRILLION
UPDATE,,, Sunday, March 6th, 2016 _____ It is projected that by 2060, the Black population will increase from 45.7 million to 74.5 million, with 17.9 percent of the U.S. population.
2016 Nielsen Report: Black Buying Power Has Reached Tipping Point, But How Will Black America Leverage it to Create Wealth?
According to a new 2013, report published by Nielsen, African-American viewers carry a lot of weight when it comes to audience and purchasing power.

The market research firm’s latest African-American consumer study, titled Resilient, Receptive and Relevant, details the need for corporations and marketers to connect with black audiences, who now have a buying power of $1 trillion and watch significantly more television than any other group.

The report found African-Americans favor programming with diverse casts, and that African-American women watch more television than men.

Top television shows perhaps unexpectedly include reality TV programs and Scandal.

More surprising, however, may be the lack of attention paid to the findings, which have been published for the last three years.

“It’s not only that the African-American audience watches more TV, but it’s substantially more – two hours over other groups,” Ron Simon, head curator at The Paley Center for Media, tells theGrio. “It’s known in the industry, but it certainly hasn’t gotten the attention I think that it deserves.”

List of sports teams in Louisiana

If I'm caught placing a bet on a game or watching TV news, or the Super Bowl.. its because the wings are provided and the drinks are free.

Let your dollars speak, because we are Invisible, when to comes to being heard, NO VOICE, cause we don't matter to them, and OF NO Significance to America.
In another post. I stated this, Unless we help OURSELVES by re-directing, sometimes withholding our earned dollars, and stop participating in our own demise, we will be demised.


Jul 2, 2003
As we live in this village (otherwise known as a community), we must learn how to prioritize our thoughts and our actions based on what is truly important.

We talk a lot about the circulation of the Black dollar in the Black community but it is difficult to create economic advancement for our communities if we are constantly spending our dollars unwisely outside our community.

Consider these statistics:

55 percent of African Americans are unbanked or under-banked meaning they do not have a bank account or the appropriate bank account (Federal Deposit Corporation Survey)
"About a quarter of all Hispanic (24 percent) and black (24 percent) households in 2009 had no assets other than a vehicle, compared with just 6 percent of white households. These percentages are little changed from 2005." (Pew Research)
"The median amount Black households reported saving on a monthly basis is $189, compared to $367 among White households.... [This is] the first time in a decade that African-American households have reported saving less than $200 per month." (Ariel Investments 2010 Black Investor Survey)
"93 percent of our income is spent outside the community." Lee Jenkins, author of Taking Care of Business
"Blacks on the average are six times more likely than Whites to buy a Mercedes, and the average income of a Black who buys a Jaguar is about one-third less than that of a White purchaser of the luxury vehicle." Earl Graves, Black Enterprise Magazine

Have my eye on one.. but currently all of my income is focused on my family!
With only discretionary income...
"Blacks on the average are six times more likely than Whites to I will buy me that Mercedes"

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