Black Poetry : We doing the dayam thang – Ain't we?

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    We doing the dayam thang – Ain't we? © 2004


    We sit with hands folded
    While our politicians
    get bloated

    But hold it!

    That doesn’t mean
    We can interrupt their meal at the Hyatt’s
    And though they deny it
    We get a steady diet of how they tried it
    Oh for sho they want us to buy it
    But despite how BET and others hype it
    I can’t keep quiet
    Cuz I know in my heart
    That -

    Mis educated men NEVER start riots

    And you know when they’re lyin
    Cuz their acts of defiance
    Seems more like compliance
    And their reliance
    On those whose guidance
    Is dubious at best -
    Yet, with amazing zest
    We settle for less
    And I’m reminded that in 65 brother Malcolm took slugs to the chest
    May he rest –

    May he rest
    But not in peace
    For even as his soul was released
    And before sister Betty could weep
    Two-faced traitors cheered at his defeat

    They made plans with the beast
    Which now have allowed our streets
    To be turned out by the enemy
    Those with eroding credibility
    But blessed with the ability
    To speak from both sides


    Just like pigeons they’d
    Rather walk than fly

    So Instead of a nation of leaders
    We’re led by pretenders
    That fold like beginners
    Now as a result
    Paralyzed minds
    Makes us contenders -

    But we contend
    For the bottom of the food chain
    And the claims about our “historic” gains
    Have a similar refrain
    But still lame
    As our young run loose
    Like runaway trains
    And with us not knowing what to do
    Or who do blame

    So we sit with our fingers crossed
    Approaching the albatross
    As another revolution gets scoffed
    How many new ways
    Can we say yessa boss
    Thank you for the crumbs you tossed
    A further reminder
    Unlike Bin Ladin;
    We don’t set it off
    But turn on the cameras and watch us floss

    But the flossing is done by
    Leaders that others have defined
    Leaders paid to remain blind
    Wasted minds
    Cause a nation of greatness to lag behind
    But it’s all good
    Cuz Eldrick “Tiger” Woods can play Torry Pines
    But in these last days an times
    Many are lacking spines
    As 8000 elected Negroes
    Fail to stop the dying,
    Every two hours more mothers are crying

    And even as I say these rhymes -
    even as I say these rhymes

    We participate in their political
    Tom foolishness
    With a long wish list
    As if -
    As if in exchange for loyalty
    We will be treated like royalty
    But instead it’s our casualties
    That increases exponentially
    So potentially
    What coulda been a generation of kings
    Don’s prison greens
    Now, what was that Martin said about a dream?
    Well what ever was inferred
    Is now deferred
    As we continue to slur
    Our great history
    Minds dulled by Hennessey
    Hoping for another Kennedy
    But our leaders sleep with the enemy

    Or is it me?
    I mean?
    What is it about this hypocrisy?
    That you fail to see
    When once we had dignity
    But now is our
    For spending sprees, smoking trees, leaders on their knees
    That has become our legacy
    Or is it complacency the reason we continue to plead?

    Cuz What hidden creed
    Did we read, and now believe
    That has us thinking
    One-day this system would allow us succeed

    I know in 54 Brown v Topeka said
    With all deliberate speed
    But I don’t think the intention
    Nor did they mention
    That we should the ones to do our own lynchin
    And I don’t think the law was meant to be applied
    So that we deny
    Or belie
    The horror of the middle passage
    And I’m reminded that on April 4th 1968 another great man was blasted
    One more ancestor left to twisting in the casket
    As the streets that honor his name

    And the streets that honor his name?

    Are known more for drug traffic
    Bodies in plastic
    Turn your head from the TV cuz its too
    Graphic depictions
    Far worse than fiction
    Another repast in the kitchen
    More mothers hearts rippin
    Statistics reflect we continue
    Slipping, but ego tripping, continuing to do the heavy lifting
    Swinging for the fence
    But still missing
    Take the path of least resistance
    Young ‘g’s caught up
    Headed for prison
    Another dead black child
    So what’s the difference?
    To be born black
    Still equals a death sentence
    Is it a nightmare or a dream?
    For at night
    I hear the ethereal voices of the ancestors scream
    I wonder if we’d come clean?
    If confronted by the ghost of brother Malcolm or Dr King
    And perhaps explain
    How we now worship the bling
    And sold our souls for the sound of cha ching, ching
    how our queens
    Have become fiends
    Unloved and demeaned
    And that a white powder would become king
    And 10,000 toddlers will never hear freedom ring
    Another 10,000 will never live out their dreams
    And that day by day by day
    Black Genius is wasted on
    Another foolish scheme

    Or will we look them dead in the eye
    And say
    Look at us now
    We just doing the daymn thing!
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    tru dat well said and felt
    speak on.......................
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    Being fooled into thinking that life is grand, eating a morsel as if it was a whole banquet because that is what one is used to doing. Flow head on poet, continue to express.
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    all i can say is wow i felt like going to church on this one. all i can say is yes, yes, yes, yes.