Black People : We DO NOT Have Poetry Competitions On This Forum!

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Destee, Feb 9, 2003.

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    Hello Everyone,

    We do not have poetry competitions on this forum! We NEVER have and I can't imagine that we ever will. This forum is not about trying to judge the work of other poets, giving it some sort of passing or failing grade, some "better than hers" or "not as good as his" kind of rating. We just don't do it. As a matter of fact, negative criticism of poetry is not welcome. If you don't have anything kind to say regarding a poet's work, don't say anything!

    Competitions undermine the very heart of this forum, which is to provide a place where we can be ourselves, sharing our thoughts without worrying about being judged, ridiculed, or made to feel our contribution is less than another's. We show equal amounts of love and encouragement to the seasoned as well as beginning poet.

    Bishop (and others) has occasionally suggested "Scenarios" that the poets could write about. It's always just for fun and no poet is required to participate. Matter of fact, it has always been fun, I don't know what happened this time.

    Kemetstry proposed this Valentine Challenge, I was surprised to see him do so, he even threw in mention of a $5.00 prize (in fun I'm sure). Anyone who has had 5 minutes of interaction on this forum with Kemetstry knows that if there is a "contest" between men and women, and Kemetstry is the judge, the women will lose. Yes, our Brother has issues, but we love him just the same. His post regarding the Valentine Challenge was meant to be a fun change of pace ... ALL IN FUN!.

    This Valentine Challenge has gotten out of hand. Please, if we are going to continue it ... it must be done in the same loving manner that all other things are done on this forum, embracing everyone, judging no one, and flowing freely. If we can't do that, let us end it now.

    Every Poet, Every Peace is a Winner, Every Day. Bottomline.

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns you may post them here.


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    I applaud the standards with which this forum is managed, and I cannot agree with you more on the idea that everyone must be free to post without regard to ridicule, etc. You are correct that each individual writes on a continum that extends from the very good (in all of its subjectivity) to the very bad, but the value of poetry is in what we bring to and get out of it. Were this forum for professional writers or a workshop forum, then perhaps we could expect indepth criticism or suggestions on improvement. Such forums would require a great deal of professionalism and critical poetic knowledge. Most so-called "critique" forums boil to nothing more that psuedo critics offering their subjective, non critical, ill informed opinions!

    Although I am new, I hope this competition thing is a rarity in this forum. Competitions serve no purpose, and as a student of poetry, I have always been able to show how any one poem or poet is as deserving of first or last place as any other. Poetry is too dynamic an art to be subjected to such static standards! This includes all prizes from the pulitzer to the National Book Award to the Nobel, which have more to do with politics than artistry.

    I post here because it is a change of pace from a rigorous research and writing schedule to one of relaxed enjoyment. I have enjoyed much of the poetry posted here in a relaxed mood, without having to judge, critique, or otherwise view through critical eyes- just sheer enjoyment!

    Keep up the good work

    Your brother

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    under the sun

    I believe that for the main part the poets on here knew this was a challenge issued in the name of goodwill and meant to be a fun couple of weeks of reading, writing and enjoying each others poetry....anyone who read Kems thread could tell that just by reading far as I'm concerned it has bought a lot of positive attention to the forum and to the poets work by enticing many members to check in on a regular, and many visitors to come in and read the work posted..I for one, have enjoyed the past week and will continue to enjoy the next few days left of the challenge despite the negativity that has been shown.....innocent ideas like this one, inject interest and excitement into the board, and I have to add that if anyone doesn't like the idea of the competition, or like the way it is run (which as far as I'm concerned was run fair and square) then they do not have to participate.....things are getting a bit tough when we all as adults can't just have a bit of good old fashioned fun without someone spoiling it....and I seriously hope this doesn't upset any future ideas any of the moderators or yourself have for this forum from time to time.....because that would be a shame...

  4. poeticdelight

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    i saw it as a battle of the sexes

    from the very beginning

    who said anything about competing for money :confused:

    sometimes people can throw things completely out of

  5. $$RICH$$

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    Thanks Destee ...... family let's have fun .....keep flowin
    we all won no matter what sex every time we post it's
    a big victory

    when it comes to fun i love doing it and talking alot
    but in my heart every male & female woman Queen
    man , King wins here never a loser never

    let continue having fun y'all
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    This is a good point!

    Too bad, Kem doesn't know the rules and that was not my intent to cry foul for some childish reason , my reason was that I know what a challenge and a competition mean, but I feel like all things like you said must be free flowing...We cannot dictate or formulate creativity. I don't criticize poetry, though I have had people criticize me and my work at times...I am a big girl and I can take it...I don't choose to be coddled...I do expect respect and as you said this Forum exists for people to express themselves in a comfortable environment....I didn't start it Destee, but you know me, I am not going to hold my tongue.
    I had no idea that Kem was schizo (LOL) or I would have laughed and wrote my love poems like I had planned to do any way.
    I always do theme poetry for special occasions and months. But, this time I thought I would be a team player and participate a lil bit, I guess I don't like (ribbin) especially when there are no laughing emoticons next to it....You cannot determine anyone's tone according to their response unless they are vehemently protesting and typing in all caps! As for critiques, they have their place, I have invited people to do just that by pm'ing me and doing so...never the less, last month when a poet told me my poem was "Choppy" and didn't read very well, I didn't even respond...(See Ma! I don't cut up all the time) I guess I feel the need to defend my freedom of speech because the term "FORUM"
    =tribunal, open discussion, a place or time of free engaging exchange of thoughts concepts , beliefs and ideas!
    When you inhibit the flow of free speech you may as well not have Freedom of Expression or other Constitutional rights that make us unique from other civilizations. I gravated here for that, I remain here for that, and I know that when we agree on something, eventually things go smoothly! But, as we know, that is not always the case..."We can only hope and try to make it a reality!" I continue to scribe as I vibe always ,support and give love to others and speak truth on all things no matter what, as long as I am not (cussin) any body out I think that should be alright....If not, I need to know so I can go somewhere it is...
    N`cest pas (It is true?)????
    Blessings On Ya House!
    I hope that Kemestry knows that some folks will laugh when you mock...others will rebel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But, now that I know...It's all good!
    Blessings On Ya House!
    P.S In Kems defense and others no one really critiqued anyone, but it was a number's game ...Now where do I send you ya $5 I will cover the Ladies...:D
  7. LibertyLady

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    social worker...
    (My little poemy..).......

    gitty up and lets have a ride
    lets start with anice flow....
    with a few select words we increase the road....
    up we go
    Do you want a nice romantic hold or a dark dramatic glow
    Can you catch up with tha speed tha "'depth"
    if not inhail and try again......
    let me show you how many ways there are....
    We gallop in to our vocabulary....
    knowledge of words
    and we jump over the clericall errors
    We vernice our last line before the finisch line........
    Our destheenation is in space......
    Cause this is not a horse race.....
    But just a wonderfull creative exspression
    from youre heart ...........
    from youre place...........

    peace and love and blessings to desthee and tha famaly....and poetry and afronet........