Chief Elder Osiris : We Committed An error By Not going All Of The Way To Obtain Our Freedom, During The S

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    We Committed An Error By Not Going All Of The way To Obtain Our Freedom, During The Sixties.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The divine truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear you.

    This is not to get you Black people to agree or disagree with this Divine truth I share with you, it is to have me know that I have done what I am obligated to do, regarding Black people, and that is to share the Divine truth with you, like you have not ever heard before.

    Yet, you should know the Divine Truth concerning our Black lives because it reside dormant inside of you Black people, you who have been made to know nothing about your Divine Self.

    Divine Knowledge generate Divine action, and Divine action pursue freedom where there is none, and any people who are not Free, is a people with a lost of Divine knowledge about the Divine Essence, about the Universe, and about Life Divinity.

    Life that live under the guidance of profanity, is a life that know not the meaning and purpose for being, and the lack of such knowledge have you to be without desired action to show respect to that life.

    Which bring me to the information I will share with you about you and your Black so call Afrikan life.

    Today, all that Black people want to do is talk for want to make an impression with impressionable Black people who know nothing about ourselves.

    Yet, we give off the impression that we know more about that which we know not, which is about ourselves and about the people who have caused us to be as we are today, a people with a history of lying and deceiving us Black people, and still we show nothing but love for such people, more love for them than we do for self and for each other, as if we are so call blessed for displaying such an insane behavior.

    Black people live in a caste where only useless talking take place, we just love to hear ourselves talk about how oppressively evil we are treated, it is as if such useless talking stimulate our insanity.

    Black people are the most disorganized and self disoriented people on this planet, and the reason for such a social, mental, and spiritual disorder, is because we Black people have no knowledge about the quantum particle from which we all come from.

    So yes, concerning Divine Knowledge, it being the generator of Divine truth and the motivator for action, and today, Black people are lacking in both, which is why Afrika is as it is today and Black people being without unity among each other.

    Not since our action against segregation, Black people have not been organized and united against the cause of injustice, that which kept justice and freedom away from the Black life experience, which has caused us to be inhibited in our movement in America.

    Segregation was not the major cause of the Black problem in America, that major evil against Black people, is what serve as the foundation upon which segregation, injustice, lies and deception is used against Black people.

    Such evil behavior stand upon the foundation that is globally established for all of Lucifer Governments to function upon, that foundation being covert and overt Racism.

    It is Racism, the evil that serve as a sedative that is given to Black people, having us to not be angry as we live as victims to Lucifer Racism.

    So, today we Black people live in a state of denial, believing today that Racism is a Mind set of Lucifer that is no longer active.

    Only a Disorganized and Divided Black Race of people would be so vulnerable to the dictates and indoctrination of Lucifer the Human being, they who feed us Black people with propaganda and disinformation about how we are to believe and not Think about our lives, which is what have us in our present state of profane mind.

    Today you have Black people who are not aware of the action that was performed by proud organized Black people, during the active implementation of overt segregation and discrimination, practice against us Black people simple because of the pigment of our skin and the feature of our appearance.

    IN the sixties Black people exploded in unity against the action of segregation and against the exploitation of Black people, and here we are today failing to take lesson from the experience taken place in our past.

    Beloved, have i not shared with you that Experience is our Master Teacher, and only a fool would attempt to refute that Divine truth, and since our Past is our Divine Reality, then why is it we are so ignorant of ourselves in the present?

    The ignorance show among Black people, because today, with all of our past Divine information that is readily available to us in this present Time to teach us today that a Disorganized Black people are a self ignorant Black people, and such a Mental status serve only to have Black people to believe and act as we do today.

    Therefore, it is such action that has Afrika as it is today and Black people not knowing the error we made when we did not establish as our goal, our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which will bring to us.

    Sure, Black people who are children of our Enslaved Ancestors, deserve a life that is associated with freedom, lives that, deserve to be enjoyed in Afrka, as the new established state in afrika, which would have Afrka today to be for the Afrikan and the Black Afrikan people to no longer be tribal and divided, but to now be a Unified Black Afrikan Nation, knowing who we Black people are, and what the Divine Essence Is to the universe and to our Black so call Afrikan life.

    Without a Black organized Nation, with the knowledge of the clear and present danger to the Black world, then the world as it is, will come tumbling down, devouring the Black World with it.

    We now in a period of Time where we can correct the error made, when we were last organized with an agreed purpose, but with a flawed goal.

    Any action taken today by Black people, and the goal is not freedom in Afrika, leave us to be Black people who love to talk about nothing of importance to Black people, as we pretend it to be something tat we are not, Free with the ability to do creative Thinking.

    Because you must come to see, without freedom, we Black people function as a disorganized people who are with a lost of knowledge of who we are at this Time, when the Universe is about to reveal its Divine power in an astonishing way.

    If organized, you Black people have the ability to understand and know of the action that is about to be performed by the Universe, and enclosed in your Divine Mind, you will know the role you are to play in this universal Magical action to take place among us Black people, if only we are organized and unified, functioning in rhythm with the universe.

    Yes, knowledge of the Divine Mind is mental power which will lead you into the dimension beyond the mind action and that non-mental action is what will take you into the presence of your intuitive self, there is where all that need to be known about all things physical and not physical reside.

    It is Time For a Divine Reawakening To Take place In The Mind Of Black People, and a dispense with useless talk among disorganized Black people, such only serve to our early demise.

    Beloved, it Is time for Black People to correct the error Of Our ways, And You do That by Becoming A Organized Black People, you Who Must Desire to Know, and not Believe, Your way Through life.

    An organize Black people in America, must have Reparation as our objective, and freedom in Afrika as our goal, such will put us in motion to correct the error we made in the sixties, having segregation as our objective, and integration/assimilation as our goal.

    Be Kind To your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]