Black People : "We Charge Genocide" The 1951 Black Lives Matter Campaign

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Jun 24, 2015
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In this article you will find that there were an extensive number of unarmed African American men and women that were killed by the hands of white cowards between 1945 and 1951. Our people have been murdered by police for decades and terrorized by whites for centuries and there appears to be no remedial solution in sight. After reading this article I am very subdued and reflective. I wonder very deeply, what will it take to bring these constant unwarranted killings of our people to an end. What do we have to do and just how can it be done?
That my people is a question for the ages because until people get sick and tired of being sick and tired of the bully and take a real stance,,the bully will always continue to be just that. What are your thoughts if you have any?

"Once the classic method of lynching was the rope. Now it is the policeman’s bullet. To many an American the police are the government, certainly its most visible representative. We submit that the evidence suggests that the killing of Negroes has become police policy in the United States..." #KNOWTHEHISTORY

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