African American History Culture : We Can And Must Be There For Them Too!!

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May 7, 2009
Actually, they're in the midst of a debt crisis; and being subjected to a U. S. Congress backed takeover bro!!

But really, there are crisis going on in so many other places, so I don't understand the significance yet, about Puerto Rico. I've just become familiar with a certain country in Africa and some of the issues there that I feel would have been important information for me, and don't understand why I was not educated about it in a classroom environment.

In around 1991, when I was saddled with my young children, the news was immersed in crisis in African countries like Somalia and Rwanda and etc. Also, Timothy McVeigh and Michael Jackson. But now, I am reading up on another important struggle in Eritrea, and around this very time, they became victorious in a struggle that had been going on for them for about 30 years. I wonder why America never highlighted this very important news. I am still researching...

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