Chief Elder Osiris : We Came As One People And I Remain To See Us As We Came!!!

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    We Came As One People And I Remain To see Us As We Came!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    I am of constant self aware, not to fall victim to Lucifer Orientation propaganda that has most Black so call Afrikans who look at the world through the mind of Lucifer the oppressors of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    So, if you are reading this information that I share with you, using the perspective been so taught to you, influencing you how you must look at ourselves as Black Afrkan people, and to accept what has been done to the Continent of Afrika geographically, by Lucifer, then in no way will you be able to know and understand this I share with you, about ourselves as Black people.

    My knowledge and concept of Black people is not one that is fragmented when I speak of Black people, my information, my revelation come from our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way ancestors, they hose master teacher is Experience through and by the Energy of the Divine Essence, the Quantum Infinite Electrical Divine Hydrogen particle .

    I know that unless we Black people come to accept ourselves as we were, when we first arrived to this solar system, as one monolith of a Divine Being, if that is difficult for you so call Black Afrkans to accept by being able to see ourselves through our Divine Mind and not Lucifer profane Mind, then woe is unto Afrika and the people now referred to as Black Afrikans, fragmented.

    You see beloved, when I ask where is the people of Kemet, Nubia, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Afrika, Ghana, Algeria, Angola, etc:

    I am asking about One Afrikan Black people occupying the continent of Afrka.

    My point is this, what you are witnessing in the place call Egypt, which is geographically Afrika, then I am inquiring about the people of the continent of Afrika, when I ask where is the people of Kemet.

    Because, all Black people in Afrka the continent, which is as I view Black people, we all are people of Kemet and is of all of those other fragmented phony states created by Lucifer the Devil, Satan, in Afrika.

    You Divine People of a Shaded pigment, you are the Afrika continent people, and whether you are in Afrika located in the North, South, East, or west, you are the one and same people, you who carry the genetic factor that have you to be the most strange and mysterious people occupying this Planet, centered in the place call Afrika, without distraction of Division.

    As I am watching the acceleration of the turmoil in Egypt, as I am sharing with you at this moment, it is no doubt that such an acceleration to direct factional violence, that is contrived, either by Mubarak regime, or Islamic coercion of physical confrontation, which mean that so call Democracy and justice for all, is not the goal.

    Because it would mean tht Afrika must be returned back to Black people and Black people a United black Afrikan Nation.

    Why is it that Black people rather give excuse for not accepting what is going on in Egypt as a direct confrontation against everything Black people represent in Afrika, even though we no longer fulfill our obligation to Afrika, nor to our Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors.

    Beloved, is it not a fact that Afrika, Egypt included, is the continent of the Black Afrikan?

    Is it not a fact that all Black Afrikans should be preparing to reclaim our Divine Mind, so that we can have the motivation to reclaim Afrika the continent?

    Are we Not deserving of Afrika the Continent, can you Think of ourselves at such an height in our Divine spirituality?

    Have I not earlier on, informed you of the need for a not Egyptian Revolution, not a Sudan revolution, not a Tunisia Revolution, not a south Afrika Revolution,not a Zimbabwe Revolution, but the need is very apparent, that there must be a Afrika continent Revolution, that is if Afrika is ever to be for the Divine Beings again, and if that Divine Black Nation is to ever become reunited again.

    What is happening in Egypt is the greatest act of disrespect to all Black Afrikan people, you figure out why I make such a declaration.

    Because when and if you do, it will serve as a sign that Black people are in action to reclaim our Divine Mind.

    Be Kind to your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
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