Chief Elder Osiris : We Came As Goddess And Gods And Ended Up Being The Most Ruthless Devils Of All To Eac

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    We Came As Goddess And Gods And Ended Up Being The Most Ruthless Devils Of All To Each Other

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved Black goddess and gods, our Divine cosmic Ancient First Way Ancestors Really were, such a Spirit of our Ancestors was not a made up want to be for social conspicuous self elevated purpose, such an identity was not a self acclaimed life, but was a way of life, and the quality of civilization that our First Way Ancestors lived and established, served as evident that the people who were responsible for being with such universal intelligence, which put them in the Divine circle to be worthy to be of the status of goddess and god, your First Way Divine Ancestors.

    So it does not matter what a people who have been reduced to live and believe as a Human Being, believe about themselves, and now display a spirit of self devouring demons, and no longer know who you are, as you now doubt about we once being of a status and spirit our first way Ancestors, a Divine spirit displayed of themselves to be as a goddess and god, which mean, that they lived a life that was in complete collective Harmony, Order, and Balance, with the Nature Of The Universe, having a a spirit that was Divine.

    Tell me, who cares what a people who do not know who they are, a people who can not imagine their Ancestors being able to live a life that was perfect on this earth, who care what a people that all that they believe and not know, come from the people who now control the way you believe about God, the Universe, and about yourselves.

    Who care what a people believe about themselves that put them in the lowest use of mental action that prevent themselves from being concerned about the way we have been made to live and disrespect ourselves, by the way that we now do nothing about the way we have been conditioned to misuse our mind today.

    Who care that such a people do not have the quality of Mind that will enable them to see, that at early Time, it was their first way Ancestors who did live the life of a goddess and god, right here on earth?

    Only a foolish people will be influenced by people who attempt to justify living a life that is divided and tribal, and take on the identity of their abusers and know nothing about the Divine Essence, (GOD) and have not the quality of Mind that will enable them to see where it is that they came from to this planet.

    You Black people, a people been trained to believe the profane about themselves instead of getting to know what is Divine about themselves, and now can not see ever, the lives of Black people living as goddess and god, all because the Human Being has succeeded in having Black people to believe that nobody on this earth has ever lived a life that was perfect in spirit expression.

    Yet it Is a perfect entity that give to you form as you are today.

    Here is a people once lived as goddess and god, a life style not made up nor is falsely claimed to be, a people who portray the spirit of the Devil when acting out against each other, a people who no longer have Divine regard for the Black Afrikan life, but who worship their abusers life, a people who slaughter children and their elderly, their women as well, as they have no respect for their Black selves, and you expect the world to have respect for Black so call Afrikan people, when such a people have no clue of who they are and rather be as their oppressors are, on this planet?

    What give such a people the right to be taken seriously, how can such a people have anything to say that is worthy to be listen to, with sincerity, when the life of such a people display a life full of game, belief, faith, and hope, wishing on a fantasy by the name of Jesus, a lie created by Lucifer himself, and such a people happen to believe in such a fantasy with all of their Human Being Mind, happen to be Black so call Afrikan people, a people who willingly believe that there is nothing ever that is Divine to come from the Mind of Black people.

    Reparation, Liberation, Repatriation, principles of Freedom, such is not the desired goal of Black people, you who can not see ever, themselves been goddess and gods, and there is no wonder why, because Black people have become a people who no longer know how to be Black and no longer Think for themselves.

    You can not have respect for self when you spend all of your Time trying to be just like your oppressors, in body, Mind, and Spirit, such is the core of your Being, which depend upon the Soul for living, and when you disrespect the Soul, which is being a life of a Devil, Satan, angel of Lucifer your oppressors, then you carry the spirit of Lucifer, the devil himself, beloved.

    Tell me, when is the last Time that you have really taken Time to truly see your self beloved, you referring to yourselves as Black so call Afrikans, goddess and gods, you who have been conditioned not to take anything serious when those things are about your Black so call Afrikan lives.

    You have been made to be a giving excuse for everything you do not do that you need to do, Black people, you Black people, now made to be a party loving arrogant, lack of the ability to see your self in the way you now act in life, you in the presence of the present status of the Black Afrikan living condition today, a condition that does not affect our ignorance of self, not one bit.

    There is nothing about the present status of your life that affect you Black people, and such a psycho spirit reveal that there is certainly something that is Mentally wrong with the Black so call Afrikans, as we play out by expressing the spirit of a devil against each other, in Afrika as well as in the Diaspora, and I am suppose to be concern about what you believe of me?

    No beloved, my concern is about the present Mental status you Black people display about yourselves today and it is an arrogant do not care spirit, the expression of a devil spirit, coming from a people been made to hate themselves and can care less about the evil of an environment that you expose the Black child to today.

    Such is a true sign that Black people no longer have a Divine connection to the Black child, as we allow the oppressors to determine the Moral status of our children today, as we concentrate on how we can appear to be more than the other in a Class driven society, in such an evil world that is controlled by Lucifer himself, as Black people now attempt to emulate those with a history of lying, deceive, and abuse the life of a once Black Divine Being.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    As you should be able to see beloved, I compromise not, that which I share with you to be Divinely True, not even when I inform you of my recent released book, title: Divine Spirituality: Revealing Information About The Real You.

    Yet I invite you to follow the link to the book that now rival the book you have grown to love so dearly, the Bible, a book that prove to be full of fantasy, lies and deception, yet I have been given to introduce to you a book about the Divine Essence, Universe, Spirit, Conscious, Mind, Soul,Intuition and much, much more that you have been lied to about, a book that give you the opportunity to see and know of your self, without compromise, because it is the Mirror book of not just your Black life, but of Life in the general Divine Reality of Nature in all of its action, beloved.

    Only The Devil Is Angry At This Sharing Of The Divine Truth, beloved, as you make claim to be goddess and gods but do not express the spirit that justify such a Divine Claim of such a Divine spirit, as you now express the goddess and god spirit of the Devil, Lucifer himself, toward each other, today..


    Chief Elder
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