Black People : We Black people Are Obliged to Deal With the Virus That Affect The Black World!!!

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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know beloved, when I am being disagreed with, it does not effect me to the point that I develop a personal attitude and behavior toward those that might disagree with me and it is all because I choose to learn, even from and about those that might disagree with that which I share with you, and my learning is mostly based on me seeing the character of those that might disagree with what I share with you and I most certainly do not, whenever I Do, react to those that disagree with me, based on Ego, Envy, nor Jealousy, or irrational emotions, because the Love I have for Black People is Divinely Real.

    Now, I have said that to say this, when Black People are attempting to deal with those issues that serve to be the Virus that are impeding the elevation of Black People and I use the term elevation because at this moment in Time, we Black People collectively, are down on our Knees and we are in a terrible condition, concerning our Life Living condition, which include both Body and Mind and this is a reality that no intelligent Black so call Afrikan will disagree, because it does not take a genius to know when our Life living condition is presently in a miserable, Body Mental condition.

    Therefore, when we are dealing with the cause and effect that is kicking our Black Behind, it has nothing to do with the Differences of the way black people react to the cause and effect that have us Black people to be in a reactionary Mental state, what is most important concerning Black people, is the commonality of Black People and that commonality is that we all are a victim of a Virus that has infected the Mind of Black people, so much so, until we now pretend that the Virus of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, Discrimination because of our Race, and the institution of Religion, is not effective, in affecting us black People the same, us being a Collective Group, and any Black individual that attempt to take issue with that reality, then only by such an attitude and behavior, does in face prove the effectiveness of the Virus that has affected our Body and Mind, to the extent we are unable to acknowledge the sickness that those viruses have and still is the cause that be the problem that have Black People pretending that individually, we are different.

    It is as if such difference develop an immune Mentality, claiming such is what protect us individually from those viruses, the virus being Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, Discrimination, and Religion, all from which come the disease of Lying, Deceiving, Stealing, Robbing, Abusing, body affliction and Murder, the victims being Black people, not individually, but collectively, that is a Commonality all Black people share, whether we acknowledge that Reality or not.

    When it come to Divine Truth, it is no my truth or your truth, Divine Truth is a Constant and is Consistent with the Empirical Facts of the matter, which has no dealing with irrational emotion or situation of Hypocrisy, so Divine Truth is the verifier of events that actually occur, we are not in a position to determine what Divine Truth is, Divine Truth is what Determine our Reality, thus we become the evidence of the Matter that is True, by our ability to profoundly Reason Logically, a process that stay connected to the Empirical Facts of the Matter to be verified to be Divinely True.

    For instance, Religion, it be the Scientific Fact which require the empirical evidence that verify the fact of the matter being discussed and or to be verified, that which determine the Divine Truth and when it come to religion, the Divine Truth is that, it has been and still is being used as a weapon to conquer and control the Mind, in our case, Black People Divine Mind, because the Divine Truth concerning religion is that it is the tool used to bring about the destruction of our Divine Black Civilization, that Civilization that once function in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Energy of GOD and the Universe , causing Black People to be a Member that verify a Trilogy of Action that is and did connect in a motion of Harmony, Order, And Balance, the Three Action that verify the Divinity of God in Action, With It being the Eternal Infinite Essence of Of Existence, the Supreme Order of Divine Reality, a level of Life Living that our First Way Divine Cosmic Black Ancestors have enjoyed on this Planet, which is a way of Life throughout both Universe, Ethereal and Physical.

    So when we embrace religion, it is as if we are identifying with the Murders and the weapon that brought Death to a once Divine Black Nation, which serve as a sign of a Mental sickness, the victims now suffer from and religon, that now is a habit of Black People and it seem to have become a developed drive that cause Black People to commit Mental Suicide, a disease that is now running rampart in the Mind of Black People, the now lovers of the Human Being Religious weapon used to entice and inflict Mental harm upon Black People.

    The one thing that I am always mindful of is that, what is being written on the Internet is seen by all quality of Minds and those Minds of a Divine seeking quality, they that know who are the profound Divine Thinkers and who is not, and many Time, the approach some of us use in our approach to make claim to the Truth, such an irrational approach can serve to be insulting to the serious Divine Thinkers that are reading what is being written in the name of Truth, Truth being Divine.

    Divine Truth demand profound reasoning and undefiled Logic when making claim to that which is being written to be True, or is it that there are many who participate on these Yahoo groups, that is just so self involved in making one self appear to be aware and educated, and it be those type people among us, who believe that they can tell people any and everything, regardless of how lacking of the Divine Truth it is, because locked into the Human Being Mind, it will give off such selfish arrogance, even when the Mind being portrayed does not qualify to know the Divine Truth,it will make claim to it.

    There are some of us that is not even capable of acknowledging the Divine Truth, because of an over bearing Ego, now there is where the difference between Black people occur and the Commonality of Black People maintain to be as is, because even those Black people that have been conditioned to believe that the Human Being Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, Discrimination and Religion, do not affect all of us Black people the same way.

    When Black People choose to ignore the Divine Truth, it verify how Mentally disqualified we have become from knowing the common effect we suffer from not knowing the Difference in being of Divine Beings as opposed to Human Beings.

    The Divine Beings are those that were our Ancient First Way Ancestors, they that Lived a Life of Harmony, Order, and Balance, while the Human Being is a confessed Life Living Liar and Deceiver and with such believing ability of the Human Being, such is what caused them to create the institution of Religion, whose foundation is set upon the Human Being attitude and behavior, which is being a liar and deceiver, which drive such Beings to want everything they can not conceive of and it was our Ancient First Way Ancestors Civilization that they could not Conceivable Understand, so they being Wanting people and a thief and robber, the attributes of a liar and deceiver, the Human Being set out to use their Religion to make claim to all the Black World once Knew, and placed within the Black World the Mind of the Human Being, a Mind incapable of knowing the Divine Truth with all Honesty.

    Beloved, Hypocrisy is the Main Mental Symbol Of The Human Beings, they who have a History of lying and deceiving the Black World, an evil that has a common affect upon the Black Human Beings today.

    Such a Divine Reality cause us to be obliged to deal with the evil Virus, identifying itself as Human Beings, they that now have infected the Divine Mind of Black People, the now Brand New Human Being replica.

    The Divine Truth,The Black Human Beings Despise The Divine Truth In Favor Of The Profane Lies Of The Human Beings.

    Here Is Loving You

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