Black People : WE ARE ON THE INSIDE...What immigrants and foreigners say about America

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    We are on the inside.
    We can not see.
    It's hard to see yourself unless someone tells me.
    Reflections in a mirror I know is just an illusion.
    We wonder why it's hard here and can't deny.
    This crazy hell hole created this confusion.

    So as citizens we aren't crazy. We need to know all around us. There is no culture, spiritual life here we already know the capitalistic strong hold in America.. We don't realize we are walking with zombies.

    They need us and need to keep draining true life ( Us ) to have some life. This is their fascination with us. We know without us they would have no growth. In mind, in creativity or culture. We inspire Americans and it is about time we knew.

    Imagine.. get back to your imagination. Get back to dreaming.
    Those are not childish things they are natural human things. Men need to trust more of their gut, ( intuition ) and stop passing it off as fear or paranoia that he will not allow. A man shrugs that off.

    All of you possibly have heard of GOD SPEAK.. intuition.
    I believe especially it helps me decide, grow, and avoid danger it's GOD SENT.

    Men and Women have it. Many men will tell you when they listened to what their spouse or significant other was attempting to say or share. Things grew.

    A woman has it in her nature and has never abandoned it.

    2013 was a blessing for me. I dared to dream. I made enormous strides in many area's.

    I saw it.. he showed me

    It came true in many respects...experienced some fantastic blessings.

    I gave up more than lost two homes in 2010. In 2013 blessed with ( HOME, CAR, HEALTH etc..)

    I thanked GOD for his whispers in the wind. GOD SPEAK

    To experience the same. Be still and mediate on God's whispers. ( its not you.. he is placing the thoughts ) all of my life and yours is already written. Were just living it out here. Now there is something your destined to do or conclude. Only your search for the thing your destined to accomplish or do in his name is yours. It can't be given unless you receive.

    I pray in 2014 as African Americans we OVERCOME what ever just GROW. :wave:
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    interesting and not too far from the truth either IMO.

    I'm sure there are other places in the world that experience this but it goes without saying

    Must people don't realize just how deep "intuition" goes.