Chief Elder Osiris : We are Greater Than The Sum Of Those That Oppress Us

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    We are Greater Than The Sum Of Those That Oppress Us

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    We Black People have the potential of becoming Greater than the Sum of those with a History of oppressing Black People, the problem we have is that we have been made to become our Greatest Enemy unto ourselves, yet we go around wondering why it is that Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Nation appear to be caught in a Time Warp that has imprisoned the Mind of the Black World and keep us suspended in inanimate Motion, meaning that Time seem to forbid the Black World and Afrika from rotating on our Spiritual Axis which prevent us Black People from Revolving Mental Spiritually around, intrinsic in the Eternal Infinite Universality of the Divine Essence.

    Here are a People who have been made to be ignorant of Self, having not the desire to converse about things that will serve to the Liberation of Afrika and of Black People, we are a People full of all irrelevant Talk and can make fun at our own ignorance and yet we expect the God of our oppressors to hear our Prayer and to be sympathetic to our oppressive Body Life condition and it is all because Black People have been made to believe that we are not greater than the Sum total of our Oppressors, those people that keep Justice away from the Body Life of Black People and keep Black People wishing upon a Star by the name of Jesus.

    There can not be a Divine Change to come to the Body Life of Black People nor to Afrika as long as we continue to function under the Mind of our Oppressors, worshiping the oppressors God, Wallowing in the oppressors Religious Spirituality, which always keep us complaining how remote the oppressors God is from helping Black people and Afrika, which keep the Black World to be satisfied with receiving whatsoever the oppressors decide to give to us in the form of a "blessing", it never being what Black People and Afrika need, just what Black People Want and to want is to imply that you are not qualified to get what you need for your self.

    The Black World once Lived in the presence of the Greater Good and that which represented our Greater Good was none other than our Divine Mind, because in our Divinity we were the Greatest of the Sum of those who now have come to Control Afrika and the Body Life of the Black World, revealing a Mental Malfunction of Black People that will not allow Black People to re-establish a Divine Spiritual connection to Afrika and with each other and the penalty for such a disconnect is the quality of the Human Being Spirit that you now are looking at Black People Body Life Living condition in the World today and Afrika.

    Well there is no more Afrika and the penalty for such a Black Afrika and Afrikan Spiritual disconnect is what you Black People are observing of Afrika and Black so call Afrikans every day, and it is the Black Fool who say Afrika and Black so call Afrikan People are in better position and condition than we have ever been, since being upon this Planet Earth.

    The Ignorant Intelligent Afrikan that say forget about our Past and to get over the way the people with a History of oppressing Black People, you are a disgrace to our Ancient and present Immediate Ancestors.

    There are many so call Afrikans that serve to the detriment of Afrika and Black People, you glorify in the way Afrika and the Black World have become, as you instigate against our Past and against our Divine Ancestors, here are some Afrikans today that have treated and is treating us now much worse than the children of our oppressors openly treat us today, it is as if Afrika and Black so call Afrikan People have been possessed by an evil that is not common to the Human Being we now act like a people with no Story of our Life that we can be proud of and a people who have to earn the respect from the people who cold Minded took our ability to show respect to ourselves, are people not worthy of the unrelenting Black Nationalist Afrikan respect.

    Do you not know that Black People, yes you once were Divine Beings and now have been made to be Human Beings, you were in fact Divinely Greater than the Sum of those oppressors that are now in control of those who once civilized those people that ripped our Divine Mind out from us, we now have to pretend that we are somebody deserving of getting respect from people with a History that is of no Profane Match with a once Divine Spiritual Black People.

    Here we are, now having to get permission from the very people we taught the Holy Value of Respect and yet they came to have no Respect for Black People, as they set out to conquer Afrika and the Black World and Queen Mother Earth has never been the Same as She Was before the coming of the Human Beings to this Planet, yet I say, we hold the potential of becoming Greater again than the Sum of those with a History of oppressing Black People, but what Good of having potential and not having the Desire to exercise that potential so that it can serve to the Greater Good of Afrika and to the Black World?

    If Black People conversation is not about re-establishing a Divine Spiritual Connection to Afrika and to each other and our prime objective is to Liberate Afrika and the Black World, then yes, all else we talk about is irrelevant to Black People attaining the Greater Good for Afrika and our Body Life and where there is no desire for the Greater Good for Black People Lives, then there can not be Liberation to come to Afrika and the Body Life of Black People and Black People will remain to be of no significant effect in the World.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]