Black People : We are always complaining that "blacks aren't united enough" what are YOU doing to change this ?

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    It takes more than talk or saying "right on" when the subject of the "lack of black unity" arises.
    What do you do on a daily basis to improve interpersonal relations with your black sisters and brothers?
    Myself, I simply try to say a simple "hello" to every black woman or man I encounter and show
    them as much kindness. As I possibly can it may not seem like much, yet I am in hopes that someone
    will remember my better actions and try to mimic them and pass them on to other blacks.
    I have carried one brilliant piece of advice I read 20 years from the great Dr. Francis Cress Welsing
    she said " if a black woman or man speaks ill and negative about you don't you in return speak
    ill of them" she went to explain the origins of all negative and down on each other attitudes we have stems from having to endure the pressures of living under a system of white racism.

    If it hadn't been for the teachings of Dr. Welsing I would be very guilty of having a bad approach towards members of my African American clan.

    I am just one person and I can't change the behavior of millions of blacks in hope of uniting all of us.
    But I will on a one on one basis try to always show you as much kindness and patience as possible in hopes it will impress you enough and you will do the sames towards others.