Black Poetry : We are all like a plate of food

Street So'ja

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Mar 19, 2001
Brooklyn, New York
What I've never understood
Is don't people understand
We are all like a plate of food

You can separate your rice, vegetables, and meat
But when it hits your stomach it gets mixed
Like when we'll hit the ground at six feet deep

I don't understand peoples "prefix"
Cause 100 years from now we all be together poor or rich
Money will do no good
We are all like a plate of food

You the **** wit all dem diamonds on your plate
But we are creature of traits
Controlled by a terminal fate
So see you at the wake

Make no mistake
Life is only temporary
Cremation or the cemetery
Burn or bury
The choice is yours

As we race for the technological
If effects the psychological
It's almost mythological
Hey we all will return to the particles
That composed our composition
And no I'm not tripping
Just listen

People need to stop harping on the petty
Stop that bull till your dying breath
Fix this mess

And pray that the day will come
That my brothaz and sistaz won't fight for crumbs

Cause if a black is making 10 million
The white man is making 10 billion

So don't lose sight
Of the fight

So look at dem uppity bastards like fools
Cause you know is the end
We are all like a plate of food
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