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    By Andre Austin, Playwright

    Cast of Characters:

    King Richard VI of the Blue party
    Security Advisor Sgt. Kiss
    Kedar member of the Yellow Party
    Candace Secretary to the King
    Victoria, girlfriend of Kedar
    PG are prime Guards for King Richard. The Roman version of Praetorian guards
    King Henry VIII who pardons Richard VI
    Cadmites, Slaves to the Blue & Silver party President Finkcoln frees
    Vulcans evil members of the Silver party

    “Bushy: Wherein the King stands generally condemn’d
    Bagot: If judgment lie in them, then so do we” –King Richard II from Shakespeare

    Fictional rendition of the WaterGate scandal

    In the situation room

    King Richard: We have to do something quickly Kiss. I say lets burn up all the tapes. Then the Senate will have no cause to throw them articles up against us.

    Sgt. Kiss: No, No, dear Richard. Lets silence Kedar up with some hush money. If we destroy the evidence we have nothing to leave our successors who will be able to indict the Vulcan’s who assassinated President Finkcoln. We can hide all the tapes with explicit orders to our servants only to release them upon our deathbeds.

    King Richard: All the time you have been in my administration your words and advice have been seasoned with political salt. But now this salt has been turning into sweet, weak sugar. My grandfather taught me that:

    “My counsel is my shield
    We must be brief when traitors brave the field”

    (Richard III Act IV scene III Shakespeare).

    Now Some of all the presidents’ men do not concur with me. Kedar’s not motivated by money. Talks shouldn’t be of a bargain. There can be no truce between the Yellow and Blue party. Have you ever seen a Deer breaking bread with a lion?

    Sgt.Kiss: Well I’ve seen Donkeys riding on the backs of Elephants. Be wise my King and take not counsel from King Rich the third but maybe perhaps from King David who said “The lord God is a sun and shield” Psalm 84:11 Kedar’s grandmother just died so he is susceptible to bribes.

    Take my advise with reason which is wise
    My counsel is the same Niccolo Machiavelli would advise

    King Richard: Yes but you have do to things in seasons least the shield will turn into a mirror for the sun and burn you up into flames. The shield of the sun is none other than Venus, which is the only star that orbits the sun. But thousands of years ago Venus was Lucifer and caused an ice age upon the earth. And this is why half the world is still cold blooded today.

    As Secretary Candace types up the transcripts of their conversation she talks to herself under her breath.

    Just what is poor ****s panty shield
    There’s a difference between those who command State power from those who wield

    Kiss, kiss, and another kiss
    If I had my way he would kiss this.
    They think this man possesses golden words
    Only if they knew he gets his advise from birds.

    Poor Richard. Wasn’t not Homer who said, “Your advice is to obey a flying bird? What is a bird to me? I care nothing for birds, whether they fly east to the rising sun, or whether they fly west to the darkest gloom. We had better obey the counsels of Zeus almighty” Iliad book 12

    Sgt. Kiss: Then to do well to friends and do ill to enemies is our version of Justice? But this maxim may reverse itself depending upon the times or situations.

    Secretary Candace: Speaking under her breath again

    Who saw Nature only through books or artificial conceits
    Who spoke of love and justice, but practiced
    Gross selfishness between class and class
    Sex and Sex, condition and conditions –Abdullah Yusuf Ali

    King Richard: Yes and its all about timing the ploughs in its proper season so that the salt of all our actions will preserve rather than destroy us. It is impossible to lay down in one general rule because the tides and courses to be followed vary with the circumstances.

    Secretary Candace: Can you guys talk a little slower. It’s kind of hard for me to keep up here. You guys must have die-hard batteries connected to your motor mouths.

    King Richard: Read us back the outline of our discussions Candace.

    Secretary Candace: Ok well it’s not much but I have the meat of it here.

    1. No longer tape Kedar & the Vulcans (Silver party) on the same tape
    2. Ways we can prevent Kedar from issuing a subpoena of the tapes
    3. While we were bugging Kedar office our secret government squad illegally killed a Vulcan in another building.
    4. Sonic Scientist, once they hear the tapes, will discover the unique sound of the TK pistols only issued to King Richards Prime Guards (PG)
    5. Kedar office was bugged to prevent his Yellow party to gain control over the Blue party in next year’s elections.

    King Richard: Very good Candace your excused now. I want all of this typed up and placed on my desk before you leave tonight.

    Secretary Candace: Yes sir. You will have it before the end of the day.

    King Richard: Very well then.

    Sgt. Kiss: I think we should set up a covert meeting.

    Two of King Richard’s Prime Guards (PG) went to Kedar’s work office to offer him a bribe to hush up his mouth. As they entered his office suite he was playing a tape of Gill Scott Heron give his poetic rendition of the Water-Gate Blues. Kedar’s office was on top floor of the Loraine office Buildings. His office was on the same level of the roof Top. He often times exited his bullet protected sliding doors to walk on the roof where he maintained a swimming pool he nicknamed Nun. As the two PG’s came onto his patio they interrupted Gill’s poetic music. Kedar turns the tape off as the guards walk up to him.

    Kedar: Man don’t you guys know how to pick up the phone and set up an appointment.

    PG: You know we operate in secrecy

    Kedar: More like operating in deceit.

    PG: You know how it is. So I see you still playing those ancient tapes of poets of long ago yesterday?

    Kedar: Yes. But its funny how some things are so reminiscent.

    PG: 1972 and 1974 was a long time ago. You’re living in the past.

    Kedar: The past is the future and the future is past not so soon.
    For there’s nothing new that’s under the old moon.

    PG: Very good
    If I could I would knock on some wood.
    But I’m surrounded by your water and airs of breeze
    The King offers a hundred thousand dollars if your mouth would freeze

    Kedar: The revolution must be marketed. I must live on to fight another day. If I wasn’t having so much family problems I wouldn’t submit. Plus I could do a lot of good with this money like donating a portion to a black hospital and opening up an entertainment center so that young people can have something to do instead of running the streets doing nothing but robbing and stealing.

    PG: Okay. You have to wash the money. You can get a $100,000 out of a bank, and it all comes in serialized bills.

    Kedar: I’m following you. So I can go to Vegas and clean it up by trading it in for money chips then a couple of days later exchanging those chips for different mixed money?

    PG: I see now your learning the game quickly

    Kedar: I wasn’t always a revolutionary.

    PG: Well you could of fooled us.

    Kedar takes the brief case that’s loaded up with cash and begins to recite a line or two

    Kedar: This isn’t Shakespeare’s comedy of errors
    Tapes are still running sending back images like mirrors
    They thinking now I’m on the take
    And this shall be one of many mistakes
    No I’m not like Arnold first name of Benedict
    I’m going to make them the laughing stock of the Senate

    Two men from a Mission
    Handing out two pardons
    This isn’t the Orange Juice trial
    And I’m not Christ Darden

    Self inflicted crisis demands
    That America should have a sound mind
    So that Elephants can roam the streets free
    And eat all of the peanuts they can find

    A pardon was given by Henry the eight
    To save the country for goodness sake
    But the eyes of the public became awake
    That Vampires/Empires die by wooded stakes

    But I like the spring not at all the fall
    I desire only that which is written in laws

    What’s a politician’s savior?
    When he no longer has the publics favor?

    I read somewhere they were seeking peace
    I seek peace so please cease

    A black spark causes showers of white fire
    Taps on the phone getting off this wire
    Before I sell you firestone tire
    And dream of dooms with 200% desire

    When will the madness end?
    Donkeys and Elephants used to be friends?

    3/5 of a vote is like an ape being muted with no voice
    I pardon you because I haven’t got a god **** choice

    The PG walk off the patio and exit down the elevators. Kedar’s wife, Victoria was listening in the background and came out on the patio.

    Victoria: Did you just make that up honey? That was a very deep poem I wish you had more.

    Kedar: When your hit by government liar’s god sends down inspiration. Some times its just one poem sometimes its three in just one day.

    Victoria: I over heard the conversations with all of the Goons. I know your not planning on keeping that money?

    Kedar: Honey I thought you said you knew me. You see that camera on the other building that facing us. I had one of my friends plant it there. You see this tape recorder that was playing Gill Scott Heron WaterGate blues. When I turned off the music I put a blank tape in. Now I got them on video and tape.

    Victoria: So what are you going to do now send this information to Senator Morning of the yellow party who is known for investigating members of the Blue and Silver party. I’m sick and tired of the Blue party trying to prevent the Yellow party from getting more political and economic power. Then they assasinated President Finkcoln of the Silver party who used to be a member of the Blue party for freeing the Cadmites. The blue party put the Cadmites back in slavery.

    Kedar: Don’t forget there was speculation that the blue party killed a Vulan 6 months ago for advocating the emancipation proclamation of the Cadmites.

    Victoria: Poor Alcmena they didn’t have to shoot him up like that. And just think all of this happened just across the building next door. The police have yet to find out who did it. We don’t know really who did it.

    Kedar: The police know but they will not do anything about it until some one on the outside gives them evidence. The police need job security from their bosses.

    Victoria: Politics really stinks.

    Kedar: Stinks real bad for those who don’t wear perfume or cologne to cover up their fraud and crimes. All of them stink but it’s hard to tell because they masquerade their funk up all the time.
    Victoria: So whats the next step we have to do?

    Kedar: First of all I’m going to make triplet copies of all my evidence and send it to Senator Morning and one or two of my friends just in case something happens to me

    Scene 2 Three days latter Senator Morning is on the phone with Kedar.

    Senator Mourning. Next Monday I want you to catch a flight down here in Aton district. We are going to be holding some hearings on the attempted bribery and other related charges. It appears there was some other things going on that you didn’t even know about.

    Kedar: Really? I trying to get you guys to subpoena all of the Blue party emails because I suspected that they were illegally taping into my computer phone system. I used to conduct all of my Party business on conference calls and instant message phone system because it was cheaper than using the regular phone system. Strange things were happening that caused me to speculate someone was having advance knowledge of all my moves.

    Senator Mourning: Yes I recall. But I couldn’t do nothing until you gave me positive evidence now.

    Kedar: And now it seems the eggs are beginning to hatch.

    Senator Mourning: Yes the sun is rising and the people will no longer be in the dark. And their perfume is wearing off.

    The two of them start to bust out in laughs.

    Kedar: What a coincidence I was saying that just three days ago.

    Senator Mourning: As each day pass we grow closer and closer on the same page. Well good speaking with you and I look forward to seeing you Monday.

    Kedar: See you Monday and take care.

    Senator Mourning: Goodbye

    Phone clicks off

    Kedar: Well honey it looks like I’m headed to Aton District.

    Victoria: Finally we can get these blue devils off our backs and hopefully in jail.

    Kedar: Prospects for peace for the Yellow jacket Party is near.

    SCENE II At the Round table of the Senate Hearings investigating the blue Party

    Senator Morning: Quiet please. I like to call this meeting to order. Today is April 1st and it is now 10am. Good Mourning Mr. Kedar Brown how are you?

    Kedar: Just fine sir. Thank you.

    Just before the Senator was to ask some questions all of the proceedings were cancelled. An Aton park police slipped Senator Morning a note saying that 20 prisons riots have sparked off all at the same time in all the 13 colonies. The Cadmite slaves have broken into guns and ammunition stores reeking havoc. Kedar Brown was escorted to a secure undisclosed hotel. He sat in his chair looking into his dressing room mirror. Kedar was sad and deep down in the blues and began to play Gill Scott Heron’s WaterGate Blues. Because the country was in such disarray that Senator Morning’s investigations would never re surface again.



    These are incomplete excerpts from an old 25 plus year old record I obtained from my father. It’s not 100% accurate because some information was hard to hear. You will never be able to grasp this masterpiece unless you hear it. I’m publishing this as an appendix because it inspired me in part to write this play.

    Background information. Republican John Mitchell was Chairman of CREEP or Committee to re elect President Nixon. The CREEPS was a campaign intelligence operation to discover what the DNC strategy was to elect their democratic candidate for President. Former CIA operatives were paid by the CREEPS to break into the DNC headquarters in Washington DC to plant bugs and take pictures of their records. Unfortunately they were all caught in the office by a black security guard Frank Willis. President Nixon tried to use the FBI and other governmental forces to cover it up. But Nixon left a trail of evidence against himself by installing secret recording devises in his Oval office. The Supreme Court had to force Nixon to release all of the tapes, some of which are still under seal today. The house and Senate prepared articles of impeachment that were never brought up because Nixon resigns from office effective 12 noon August 9th 1974. But without the diligent work of two young Washington Post newspaper journalist Woodward & Bernstein this story would have been covered up like the rest of the thousands that preceded it.

    You pulled your own draws down to undrape
    Shot yourself in the head with your own tapes
    Ford to the rescue got you off the Hook
    But you still had to tell America that you were no crook- A. Austin

    Gill Scott:

    You don’t want to be involved in this. This is going to be a blues number.

    Let me see if I can dial this number

    (Heron is apparently dialing the White House)

    Click ringing, ringing (clicking noise indicating a recording devise)

    (Phone answers)

    I’m sorry sir but the government you have elected is inoperative. Click inoperative.

    And for years it was though that it was only black people who could get the blues. So the blues hadn’t come into no international fame. But lately we have Frank Rizzo with the lie detector blues, and the United States talked about the energy crisis blues. And were gonna dedicate this next poem to spear head X [Spiro Agnew Vice president under Nixon]. The X second in command in terms of this question (audience “I heard that”) And the poem is called H20 G.A.T.E. And if H20 is still water and Gate is still Gate, then what we getting ready to deal on is the Watergate blues.

    Just how blind America will be? (Audience “ain’t no telling”)

    The world is on the edge of its seat
    Defeat on the arising very surprising
    That we could all see the plot
    And claim that we could not

    Just how blind America
    Just as Vietnam exploded
    In the rise crackle pop could not stop
    People determined to be free
    Just how blind will America be?

    The shock of a Vietnam defeat
    Sent Republicans to Wall Street
    And when the roll was called
    It was Pepsi Cola and Philips 66
    Boeing and Lockheed

    Ask them what they’re fighting for
    And they will never mention the economics of war

    Ecological warfare above all else
    Destroy the land
    If we can’t break the Asian will
    Bomb the dikes and starve the man

    America the international Jekyll and Hyde.
    The land of a thousand faces
    Sneaking up on you but rarely surprises

    Afraid of shoeless undernourished Cambodians
    While we strike big wheat bargains with Russia
    Our nuclear enemy

    Just how blind America will?
    But tell me who was around when. Died?
    And what really happened to J. Edgar Hoover? (FBI director died in 1972. Hoover was thought to have been instrumental in Martin L King & Malcolm X ‘s assassinations)

    The King is proud of Patrick Gray (Acting director of the FBI)
    While America faith
    Is drowning beneath that Cesspool Watergate

    How long will the cities sit and wait
    Looking like Europe in 38
    Did they move to stop Hitler before it was too late?
    How long before America discontinue
    Of keeping the schools systems segregated?

    Watching the price of everything soar
    And hearing complaints cause the rich want more

    It seems Macabeth and not his lady went mad
    We let him eliminate the whole middle class

    The dollars the only thing we can’t inflate
    While the poor go without a new minimum wage

    Chorus: Repeats itself

    But what really happened to J. Edgar Hoover (mystery surrounded this Tyrants death)
    The king is proud of Patrick Gray
    And there are those who say
    America is drowning beneath that Cesspool Watergate.

    How much more to the citizens need
    That the inactions were sabotage by trickery and greed

    And if this is so then who we got didn’t win
    Lets do the whole ******* election over again (Florida on my mind)

    The obvious thing about the charade
    To run down all the games they played

    …The nomination of
    Supreme Court Justices to head off the tapes

    Kent state, Jackson state southern Louisiana

    The chaining and gagging of Bobby Seale
    Somebody tell these Maryland Governors to be for real

    We recall all of these events just to prove
    Watergate wasn’t no news

    The thing that seems to justify all of our fears
    Is that all of this went down in the last five years


    We leave America to ponder the image
    Of justice from its new wave of leaders

    Richard Daley Imperial Napoleonic
    Mayor of Chicago who took over from Al Capone
    And continues to implement the same tactics

    George Wallace, Strom Thurmond Ronald Reagan (All Right Wing Conservatives)
    An almost endless list
    Of those who will not be missed

    …And the silent white houses
    With the James brothers once in concert
    But we see the sour crop mafia men
    Deserting the sinking white house ship
    And its maimed, mindless mad mangling Ahab.

    (This was directed towards Spiro T.Agnew who was know for using tongue twisting words that started with the same letter)

    The cord has blown
    Mitchell has blown
    No tap on my telephone


    Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell and Dean
    It follows a pattern if you dig what I mean

    John dean, white house counsel H.R Haldeman John Ehrlichman, Presidential advisors John Mitchell, former Attorney General

    And what are we left with now
    Bumper stickers that say free the Watergate 500

    Spy movies with the same name
    With cast of thousands

    And in that phrase that if Nixon knew
    Agnew knew (Agnew resigned before Nixon for Tax evasion)
    But Ag didn’t knew enough to stay out of jail (Big laughter)

    And what really happened to J. Edgar Hoover
    The king is proud of Patrick Gray
    And those who have seen King Richard, King Richard King Richard


    The Watergate blues the SEQUEL

    Hi we like to do an idea for you that’s related to the H20 G. A.T.E. The WaterGate Blues.
    In March of 1973 we wrote the WaterGate blues and 17 months later then President Nixon resign. But the story didn’t end there so we didn’t stop there.

    We beg your pardon America
    We beg your pardon because the pardon you gave wasn’t yours to give.

    They call it due process. And some people are overdue.

    We beg your pardon America.

    Somebody said brotherman gonna break a window, gonna steal a hubcap gonna smoke some refer. Brotherman gonna go to jail. But the man who tried to steal America is not in jail. Get caught with a nickel bag [Five dollars worth of weed] get caught with a nickel bag sister lady on your way to get your hag fixed you will do big Ben [ten years in jail].And big Ben is time, but the man who tried to fix America will not do time. They say they gonna slap his wrist and retire him with 800,000 thousands dollars and America was shocked. America leads the world in shocks.800,000 thousands and the people protested so they said ok we will give him 200,000 dollars. Everybody said ok that’s better. I would like to retire with 200 thousands dollars some day. Sanquentin (Prison) not San Clemente , do not pass go, go directly to jail do not collect $ 200,000 thousand dollars.

    We beg your pardon America. We beg your pardon because some how the pardon didn’t sit correctly. What was the cause of this pardon? They had flea bitetest. Rats bite us and we get no pardons in the Ghetto. They brought up National Security but do you feel secure with a man who tried to steal America is back on the streets again.

    What are the results of this pardon will be? Because remember when there are causes there are results. And results are always deeper still. We now have Oak meal man. (Referring to Gerald Ford, Representative from Michigan who replaced Nixon as President. Michigan is also home of the Headquarters of Kellogg’s and Post who all make cereal. If this is connected to the oak meal man I do not know) Anytime you find someone in the middle,; anytime you find someone who is timid; anytime you find someone who is lukewarm. Anytime you find someone who has been in congress for 25 years and no one every heard of him you got oak meal man. Oak meal straddling uncomfortably on yards and feet of barbed wire (meaning all the tapes of Nixon?) it’s hard to live in the middle all of the time. Oak meal man who said he could fit all of his black friends in the trunk of his car and still have room for the Republican Elephant (Big time laughter). Oak meal man. “But there was no crime committed”. Oak meal man says that. America in 1975 your president will be a 1913 Ford. Regressive! Circle up the wagons to defend yourself from nuclear attack (Bush II Star Wars Panty shield). Oak meal man. Reminiscence of 1964 H20 Goodwater thank god he didn’t win. But he didn’t win. Oak meal man didn’t win (Bush v Gore 2000). I didn’t vote for him but that’s the first result. And the second in command would be the dreadful (Gov of NY) Nelson Rockefeller. Obviously be promoted for what he did at Attica. 43 dead (On death Row in Texas and 41 shots into a Blackman in NY. It would have been 43 but the cops missed twice). And once again America is in shock. (Baby face Nelson) being protected for the job he did on the streets of New York City. Where the pushers sell the drugs that the government allows in the country. And then they (black people) do the time. They do life and death or life and death behind bars while William says he is going to discontinue the furlough program. Bro Richard X of buffalo New York faces 1,365 that’s one thousand three hundred sixty five years for participating in Attica. And Rockefeller faces being the vice president of this country. And all this time they are easing upon the sands of San Clemente. (Attica prison riot erupted in September 1971 over horrible prison conditions like the lack of proper food, inadequate recreation and gross overcrowding. At the time of the riot there wasn’t not one African-American Guard employed while more than half of the prison population was Black. The State police stormed the prison shooting and killing inmates including 10 hostages who were correctional officers. Put to top it all off the state of New York had the nerve to charge some of the inmates for killing the C/O’s when their own fellow officers shot them. In 2001 Hollywood produced a movie on this American tragedy. Now back to Gill’s poetic speech.

    We beg your pardon America. We beg your pardon once again. We find out that 7 out of ten black men in jail. And most of the men behind bars are black. 7 out of every ten black men never went to the ninth grade. They didn’t have fifty dollars and never had a hundred for a month when they went to jail. So the poor and ignorant go to jail while the rich go to San Clemente.

    We beg your pardon America because we understand much more deeper than what we understood before. We don’t want to take the pardon back. We want you to issue some more pardons. Pardon brother Frank Willis the (Black) Watergate security guard. He was only doing his job. (Frank Willis died recently a poor man with hardly any money) pardon H. Rap brown it was only burglary (Recently Rap was charged with murdering two black Atlanta police officers. And I thought he was for Black Power?) . Pardon Charles Manson it was only mass murder. And pardon us while we get sick.

    As unemployment rockets up to 7 percent and it seems like 70 % in my neighborhood. As unemployment rises we watch cattlemen shoot cows in their heads and kick them in the grave. Millions are starving across the world and maybe even next door (Correct) .we understand all the more deeply as Boston became Birmingham became little rock became Selma became Philadelphia became Mississippi becomes yesterday all over again.

    We understand as we beg your pardon. We beg your pardon America cause we have an understanding of trauma. What goes around comes around. And we beg your pardon for all of the lies. All of the people who have been ruined and who look forward to the next year. Being we can’t stand to look at this one (Amen). We beg your pardon America being the pardon you gave this time wasn’t yours to give.


    Thank you very much

    By Gill Scott Heron

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    Who was Deep throat

    I don't think there was a "single" Deep Throat. Woodward and Bernstein received their information from a variety of different sources as indicated by the spotty nature of the 13 communiques they said they received. In fact, in their original book, there was no Deep Throat character until after they me with Robert Redford and talked about movie rights BEFORE they actually had a publisher for the book. It essence Deep Throat is a literary conceit. In my opinion, one Deep Throat source was probably Haig because Woodward had worked for him as a junior officer before he became a cub reporter for the Washington Post. Neither Woodward nor Bernstein had the clout or reputation to be in contact with someone as important and arrogant as Kissinger (who also leaked regularly to well-known reporters) And has a military man (which Kissinger was not) Haig harbored the military's dislike of Nixon's and Kissinger's foreign policy. Also remember that the so-called Deep Throat leaks were all about money and not the JCS spy ring or even the Watergate cover-up. These issues were disclosed by congressional investigations and not Woodward and Bernstein. In a word, Deep Throat leaks were peripheral to any of the nefarious deeds of the JCS and Nixon White House that Haig may have participated in (like the JCS spy ring). But, in all likelihood, there was no single Deep Throat person

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    Some are saying Pat Bucanan was deep throat
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