Black Poetry : Water Guns That Fire Bullets


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Mar 19, 2001
water gun conditioned kids
wet others for fun under the
hot sun on Sundays in the Summer
parents equip the kids with
H two O clips and a faucet
that drips liquid bullets
that kill......for play

Now when lil' johnny ,labeled
with a new nickname, fires
his nine miili in the Nick of
time will it be a crime since he
was conditioned to be a killer?

tabloid shows / evening
expose's want to expose the
"process of elimination"
of the inherent innocent
soul in kids...but don't want
to air preventive solutions
in this So-ciety that socializes
the young to be killers

"You have the right to
bear arms" but bare your
pistol on your hip and you go
to jail / legal oxymorons /
confuse and condemn common
sense thinking

to the point that pointing
a water gun and firing is CONsidered
fun and the jokes on you when
you're wet /

play dead.....the laws say you must
and in God they trust to captilize
on this market of killing and
stealing morality at 50,000
kids deaths a year in this

history repeating itself
this nasty history still teaching
lessons of know
how this CON-try was found....
you know how this CON-try was know how
Native Americans were killed
(other than biological warfare)
....water guns that fired bullets.

(c)2001 blakverb "off da top thinkin"

*hey fam...yeah, yeah, yeah I'm supposed to be gone. I saw this show on television last night about that Kip Kinkel kid that killed all those folks (I can't remember the locale) and it drove me to write this.


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