Black Poetry : Watcher's Report: Justice shall always prevail!!!!

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    I posted this originally back in April....As of today one of the assailants has just been taken out while serving his time......Whatsoever a man soweth that also shall he reapeth!!!!

    You was just a baby, not long in this world
    The pride and joy of your parents, beautiful ebony girl
    Full of joy, full of life
    Not yet exposed to pain, misery and strife
    Remembering your first words, and your first tooth
    You had the whole world before you
    Until that fateful night
    When your father was holding you tight
    Painful sensation you felt within
    And blood began flowing from your torn skin
    Bullet was not meant for you, but for someone on the street
    Because of the sins of others Death you shall now meet
    Your father begins to cry, screaming oh God why?
    As you look at him and smile before closing your eyes
    Suspects did not get away that day
    The Watcher's testmony helped put them away
    No chance of parole, but life imprisonment until their dying day
    5 years have come and gone
    yet the pain lingers on
    Mother and father have moved on
    And have succeeded in creating a new song
    Yet it will never diminish the melody of the song that has proceeded on.
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    I am wondering...

    As heart felt as this is, do you not feel
    that God does everything for a reason?
    No disrespect.