Black Poetry : Watcher RIP 10-29-03


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We were inseparable you and I
since your birth
I have watched over you
like only a big brother could
never fought
we protected one another
sharing each other pains
and dreams
composing poetry together
we were the Brothers Xtreme
nothing could separate us
even after the accident
you bounced back better than ever
but then the illness
result of complications
with the surgery
you never gave up the fight
you got married
and things were going good
big time job in Atlanta and company paid house
until the illness took its toll
flying down to the dirty south
I brought you back
going thru therapy and rehabilitation with you
yet keeping it secret
cause you didn't everyone to know
then the miracle recovery
watching you being restored
reading you as you scribed once more...
The brothers were going to ride again
but then you called me
told me you wren't doing so well
your wife and I along with mom and dad
took you to the hospital
only a matter of time
today I got the call
to come
you had one final word
for me
I still marvelling at how you had the strength
to make your final words a poem...

you and I
together in this life
and the next
I'm just going ahead
to make sure everything is ok
you see I talked to the Master
and he told me it was time
and I beheld a glimpse of the true Lighthouse
its light
washing over me
and I knew that it was time to go home
so Kev I give you my final testimony
I thank the Lord for being saved and sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost
and I'll see you on the other shore....
then you gripped my hand
and left this mortal for immortality
rest my brother from all you labors
until I see you again in that great resurrection.....

Watcher AKA Keith RIP 10-29-03

Going to miss you little brother...

I want to thank all of you for the love shown...yall know how much my brother loved this place and watching over it....Right now things are at a standstill for me..not quite sure which was I should go....think I'll rest a while and reflect...



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