Black Poetry : Watcher for the dawn.....Conception of a poet

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    With the thunder gods
    Eyes slit in vigilant imagination
    Steering clear of the horizons imitations
    Mind seemingly griped in eternal inebriation

    Like a Hunter, sitting in the darkness of night
    Awaiting the prey - " Animation by light! "

    Cast like dice into a world unceasingly still
    Motionless like a Morning Glory on a window sill

    Like a seashell or conch vacated and empty
    Reverberating echoes from the world of plenty

    Like a favorite old cup waiting for its masters use
    To lovingly hold and nurture his favorite juice

    Time is captured in the blinking of our Lord
    And the tip of light pierces the eye like a sword

    Behold, the Sword of Sobriety entering the slit eyes
    Laying waste to all imitation, inebriation, hypocrisy and lies

    Ripped from darkness, led naked into the light
    The true poet is born as the seer of right

    Conception of a poet and prophet too?
    well, when the light of truth comes
    we have a most perfect and potent brew

    I spoke with my father, he spoke with his son
    and thus was this poem completed and done

    we bowed to each other and then to the light
    for all knew the view was good from this height