Black Poetry : Watcher Doing His Thing - EXTREME!!


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Jan 31, 2001
Chicago-In the WatchTower
Just being real in expressing my need
Desiring you who is the ultimate freak
Can roll anyway
Aint got no shame
Hitting it 69
Or me stroking from behind
Ain’t afraid to go for a dip
By drinking from the tip
Can I go downtown
All around
Lick the toes and feet
Can I have a bite of that Georgia Peach
Lovely pearl let me tickle that tongue
You ever had your bells rung
Grab my bald head and push it in deep
Cause I swear tonight you will weep
Going deep sea fishing for tuna and cat
You should’ve been careful on whose face you sat
Going deeper than no man has been before
And all the while you keep crying out for more
Jerk baby jerk
Cause Watcher knows how to work
His duty he will not shirk
Cry baby Cry
Cause Watcher is the guy
That will send you on a natural high
Push baby push
Watcher is in your bush
Cum baby Cum
Watcher will make you hum
Feeling extreme
Doing his thing
While you stroke the dingaling
Coming up for air, the taste I will savor
As you go down on your knees to return the favor.

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