Black Poetry : Watch The Dial - No Escape

It won’t burn
It will help you learn
Show you black man
it’s now your turn

To conquer the conqueror
Who has spent centuries inventing
Ways of stopping ya
Robbin’ ya
Like toby know
Him might even start choppin’ ya

Inside the spiritual cocoon of Da Street Oracle
Imploring you to see and stop takin’ earth for granted
I’m candid - I demand it
Continue your ignorance
And be prepared to be reprimanded

By the very thing you don’t seem to respect

One would think after the fire we done been thru that we should be ready for some of our own! This was a dynamic piece and even Toby deserves his respect! Look what it took to stop him!! A lot of us even scared to run now a days!

Write On !!
this is by far...

one of your best drops street! i'm feeling this one brethren. especially about the sun and cocoon of the street oracle! whew! keep dropping those atom bombs on top of they domes it will only make them learn something nu. haha
Only someone who is mindless will resist true peace and happiness in the womb of ALL!



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