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    If you missed it, you can see it agin right here! However..this is time sincitive and will be offered as long as it is up for veiwing. "The time has come for Unity! The time has come for us to "Take" our rightful place in the Earth Black Man and Black Woman. Stand up and take charge of your self, your life and your families,... give back all of the things that seperate us, distortions, ignorance and foolisnes back to the one who gave it to us during the times of forced Slavery. We don't need any of it. G-d told us that there will be a "New" heaven and a "New" Earth, that the Meak (You Afrikans) shall inherit the Earth. The future belongs to the Rightius, the future belongs to "You". "May the Spirits of the ancient (KMT) Afrikan ancestors Continue to Bless "Us" with the Light of Overstanding". When the Afrikan frees themself, every one on Earth will be Free. No more will we allow ourselves to be seperated and devided,...Never agin...Never agin...Never agin!!!

    Ase` <---free webcast