Uganda : Washington seeks to block Fascism as a crime, at the ICC , in Uganda


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The devils that stole us from Africa, saw something even more evil then their imperialism and colonization.
The British chided the Bush administration over their war for oil, intead of their system of colonizing and mentally subjugating people instead of just anihilating them

Fascism doesn't negotiate or sujugate, it just goes in and wipes out folks and siezes the resources, and now that the US is broke;
new Iraqs' and Afghanistans weill more then likely be looked for.

US Opposes ICC Bid to Make 'Aggression' a Crime Under International Law

By Howard LaFranchi

Global Research, June 18, 2010
Christian Science Monitor - 2010-06-15

The Obama administration has resisted efforts by the International Criminal Court to include 'aggression' as a crime, mainly because it could impact US military operations abroad.

Washington -- The United States under the Obama administration has developed an increasingly close working relationship with the International Criminal Court in The Hague. But that growing engagement with a controversial institution of international law was unable to prevent the ICC from expanding the scope of its work to include the murky crime of “aggression,” a move the US had vehemently opposed.

At the 111-nation ICC’s first review conference that wrapped up last week in Kampala, Uganda, delegates decided to expand the international court’s purview to include the crime of aggression – a crime that only the US has successfully tried, in the post-World War II tribunals in Nuremburg and Tokyo.

State Department officials say the US, which is not a signatory to the ICC, was able to mitigate the drawbacks of such an expansion of the court’s reach, primarily by putting off any prosecution of the newest international crime until at least 2017.

But some critics say the US failure to stop the enshrining of “aggression” as an international crime demonstrates the limits of President Obama’s multilateralist vision – and sets the US on a collision course with the ICC when the issue comes up again later in the decade.


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Take a serious look at AFRICOM, in light of the discoveries made in Afghanistan.
With the reserves and minerals found in Africa, in the past 15 years, will AFRICOM come to


pr anihilate as was done to the native Americans?


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One ideology that did and may still predominate, or be subversive is eugenics;

"Any historical appraisal of the eugenics movement needs to step carefully to avoid imposing the values of the late 20th-century upon eugenicists, especially concerning the question of motivation. The legitimate, scientific framework of the eugenics movement, a mainstream view at the beginning of the century, has been for the most part abandoned by scientists in the years since then.

Similarly, to a great extent, racialist thinking, and in particular white supremacy, was neither questioned nor challenged among the white-dominated intelligentsia of the time. At the same time, the fact that white supremacist views were more acceptable in white society at the turn of the century still allows for gradations of focus and virulence; the question of the extent to which hereditarian arguments may have functioned as a pretext for a movement primarily concerned with the continuation of social and political dominance by upper-class, Protestant men of Anglo-Saxon background is unavoidable.

The roots of the eugenics movement have been traced variously to social Darwinism; social purity, voluntary motherhood, and the perfectionists; the naturalist tradition; Malthus and the neo-Malthusians; and the Progressive political and social movement"


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"Fascism is on the march today in America. Millionaires are marching to the tune. It will come in this country unless a strong defense is set up by all liberal and progressive forces... A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government, and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. Aboard ship a prominent executive of one of America's largest financial corporations told me point blank that if the progressive trend of the Roosevelt administration continued, he would be ready to take definite action to bring fascism to America."

former U.S. ambassador to Germany William Dodd in 1938

Are these same corporatists still calling shots behind the scenes today?

we are familiar with Prescott Bush and others funding fascism in Germany, but what about the nazis brought here, to the military NASA and industry?

Military Intelligence "cleansed" the files of Nazi references. By 1955, more than 760 German scientists had been granted citizenship in the U.S. and given prominent positions in the American scientific community. Many had been longtime members of the Nazi party and the Gestapo, had conducted experiments on humans at concentration camps, had used slave labor, and had committed other war crimes.

In mid-August 1945, after taking part in Operation Backfire, Dornberger was escorted from Cuxhaven to London for interrogation by the British War Crimes Investigation Unit in connection with the use of slave labor in the production of V-2 rockets; he was subsequently transferred and detained for two years at Bridgend in South Wales.[21]

Along with other Nazi rocket scientists, Dornberger was released and brought to the United States under the auspices of Operation Paperclip, and worked for the United States Air Force for three years developing guided missiles. From 1950 to 1965 he worked for the Bell Aircraft Corporation, and was a key consultant for the X-20 Dyna-Soar project. Dornberger also developed Bell's Rascal, a nuclear air-to-surface guided missile used by the Strategic Air Command. [22]. Following retirement, Dornberger returned to Germany, where he died in 1980 in Baden-Württemberg.


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Aggression and then colonization is imperialism, but what many seem to fear at the Uganda meeting , is a repeat of Iraq genocide, in US seeking global hegemony,

and this seems to bring focus on the reservations by most conscious Africans against


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the three key features;

1 Agression under excuse
2. genocide, quickly by anihilation ,or slowly through eugenics, or depleted uranium
3 oil intersts

Seem to be key factors in the 3rdReich, 9/11 ,and now the endless war against terrorism

Washington felt a need for agression in over 70 soveriegn nations of the world.

What was the reason?

To hunt Al Qeada,
based on 9/11
(see Loose Change)

Who gave Washingon that reason?

The Project for the American Century;
Cheney, Rumsfield, Wolfowitz

all haveing prominent ties to the corporations that funded Adolf Hitler.

The names of the same banks, and the same oil companies, keep popping up