Black People : Washington Apointed Jobs Czar Working Hard: to Create Jobs Overseas(?)

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    GE’s Jeffrey Immelt: Why Jobs Expansion in India Is a ‘Win-Win’
    Posted on September 28, 2011
    Jeffrey Immelt, chairman and CEO of General Electric, is a frequent visitor to India and optimistic about the country’s future. During a visit to the country earlier this week, Immelt noted that “people [in India] are concerned around the economy slowing down from 8% to 7.4%, [but] honestly, it doesn’t sound bad to me at all.” He went on to add that all of GE’s businesses have a growth momentum in India.
    While he was tightlipped about GE’s revenues in India, Immelt noted that GE India is among the three fastest-growing countries within GE worldwide. John Flannery, president and CEO, GE India added: “Jeff’s mandate to us is to grow 30% year on year and we are on track to achieve this.”
    During his visit, Immelt announced that GE is setting up a multi-product manufacturing facility in Pune, near Mumbai, at an investment of $200 million. This facility will be spread over 68 acres and will have an employee pool of around 2,000.

    GE's Jeffrey Immelt: Why Jobs Expansion in India Is a 'Win-Win' - [email protected]

    On a visit to India earlier this week, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt was optimistic about the company's expansion in the country -- both in jobs and facilities.