Black Poetry : was spotted by a boy he plotted and try toy with my brain, “ girl you from the hood and fine boo would you mind if I ask to kiss your lips? Skin so b

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May 11, 2006
was spotted by a boy
he plotted and try toy
with my brain, “ girl you
from the hood and fine boo
would you mind if I ask to
kiss your lips? Skin so brown
and fine lets go home pull down
the blinds, and mess around
online, “NAW PLAYER my body
soft and deft
not off a shelf
like books
I try not to look
so hot and shook
this could be a sad story
and mad mandatory
for a love affair
try have pie galore
beauty never an eyesore
so I desired to flirt
it is required work
to get a boyfriend
it's chips ahoy that spend
their came really that begin
an affair so I'm in the wind
dressed in a mini-skirt
bra and panties to flirt
so be alert I may twerk
my stats and hugs
are like hats and gloves
for boys so I get back rubs
“LOOK BOO my heart sincere
and now love start to appear
its clear we should be together
written lyrics tough like true leather
and hidden for a period but not forever
I'm on the street and stuck
need a streak of luck
girl you got a sweet butt
things are about to heat up
because I need a girlfriend
to make my world spin
“NAW PLAYER I'm a honey pie
the weather is sunny and dry
boys think love is funny but why
this is a strong rap situation
but like a loan application
it have to be approve
in order to see a smooth
transition” “ but boo its friction
if there's a crew of restrictions
far as a wet kiss then tradition
overrides that, this is BLACK HIP HOP
in VIRINIA BEACH at the tip top
like a crock pot ready to turn up
and concern my luck will run a muck
like ships in water
while my scripts slaughter
and my cake reveal
a great deal
of love in the club
and you wanna hug
as a thug and grub
is on your menu
as you soar into
your love talk
my voice in stress
but my choice of dress
is a mini-skirt, bra, and
panties, this is an unsightly scene
and nightly I scream
after a wet dream
steam be in my panties”
“ OK BOO from the hood in a hot sense
but could not convince
a girl to give me cake
and now live in a make
believe world to escape
reality that's a fatality
to love you is not a technicality

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