Black Spirituality Religion : Was Michael Jackson Death A Illuminati Ritual.


Mar 26, 2003
Hotep Khasm:

Your comments are obviously meany for Isis77.

If however, your comments are geared towards me --

Q. Have you actually had time to do thorough research to refute the video?

Ase', Fine:qqb015:

hey fine...
my comments were for the originator of the thread...but since u mention it...i have done quite a bit of reading regarding the knights templar and the illuminati...i also know my mike jack am above all things a music connoisseur....

not even really going into the first 2 i mentioned...mike used that hand signal not for what the illuminati meant it this case i'm sure it was a coincidence...

back in the day mike jack got down with the rock steady crew to learn some of their dance of the members was really into spiderman so he did that move that we now associate mike with....he bit this move and got large off of it...the web shooter kick move...maybe spiderman is illuminati i
but thas were mike jack got that from....this is well documented

knowing this i just don't see the correlation...if u see something i missed please enlighten me....

one love


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Jul 13, 2008
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These are some..

Very interesting videos

To say the least..

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa!

Brother brown_hOrnet,

You have done it again, struck gold. Both videos are powerful, insightful and should force us to reach deeper for understanding. And there was a correlation between the green sign(Ronald's) and the hospital name(Ronald Reagan), in the first video, that perhaps wasn't mentioned that I noticed. But what strikes me most is the intellect of these young ladies, very impressive. I particularly enjoyed the second video and the challenge offered. Again, just listening to the young ladies, should put some of us to shame, in that, the things we grapple over in argumentation here, they flow so smoothly with in search of the bigger picture of things, speaking more to the Global Scale.

Though I'm not into solving secular enigmas, I certainly can appreciate the view points of these young ladies. This is it, as Michael suggested in the name of his final world tour, it is time for our people to stop the in-fighting with each other, to begin to love ourselves, to get rid of the self-hate, and Michael has succeeded in getting that point across. Nothing lives unless somethilng dies...Peace In my true brother friend, for real.



Master of All Trades... Jack of None
Jul 13, 2008
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Preciate it.

appreciate the fact that this Goddess went the extra mile to satisfy her curiosity; while feeding this Goddess' intrique in the area of conspiracy's...!

Thanks for sharing - Goddess hOrnet!

Ase' Fine1952:qqb015:

That would be - God H0rnet.

But thank you. :)

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