Black People : Was L Ron Hubbard, good for Black folks????


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Jan 15, 2008
Fletcher Prouty was played by Donald Sutherland inthe Oliver Stone movie "JFK"
As an important man in covert-ops he testified that Hubbards military records were tampered with or altered to conceal his possible work for the office of Naval Intelligence. (BY WHO?)

Bill Cooper(author of Behold A Pale Horse) ex Naval Intelligence, who never concealed his records, was assasinated 2 weeks after 9/11 for his whistle blowing activities.
If you google L Ron Hubbard and OTO, you will find some interesting things also L Ron Hubbard and mind control., also CIA
He was affiiated with world renownd Illuminati chief Aleister Crowley and became a member of his group OTO, as well as close friend of Satanist Jack Parsons.
(theDemonGate constructed in the movie "Hell Boy" was a copy of an experiment done by Parsons and Hubbard, called Babbalon rising.

I wonder is Scientology something positive or negative for the Black community, are they conducting bizarre experiments in Africa, I do not know and leave this open for further research and discussion.

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