Black People : Was he acting phony or was he just enjoying his rights like whites?

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    I have this buddy who I've known for years. I would give you his background, but if I do, it might prevent you from giving an honest answer. But on the other hand, not knowing a little about him, and his wife too and how she influences him, could also prevent you from giving an honest answer. Well here it goes. A year or two ago I was in town visiting him. The last two times I was in town, he took me to a place called Dover Downs Hotel & Casino. It's a place known for horse racing and gambling, and he only does light betting when we go, putting down no more than about five bucks on his horse. This is sought of new to him, and even more new to me, as I don't bet at all. But it was something different, and I enjoyed each time I went, especially with the nice summer weather. It was different from the usual, which was driving around wasting gas, drinking beer, trying to look at some women, and usually not seeing nothing.

    Anyway, this was almost like being in a mini Las Vegas. Then you could go outside to the horse track. The place was kept up well, the environment was peaceful, they offered free popcorn, and the beer was low priced. The place was also filled with mostly white people, which brings me closer to what I'm about to ask. When we went outside to the horse-race track and got to our seats in the bleechers, there was this group of about 4 white boys about 5 rows down from us. Anyway, when the gun sounded and the race began, the white boys began cheering for their horse. Immediately after they started cheering for their horse, my buddy started shouting and cheering on his horse. I don't remember him doing that the last time. Anyway, a few of those white boys in that row five down from us turned around and glanced at him for a second, like he was kind of annoying them.

    My question is, do you thinking my buddy was acting phony and trying to fit in, or was he just enjoying his rights like everybody else?
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