Africa : Was Africa Named By Europeans???

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    It is time to resolve this debate once and for all about where the name "Africa" comes from, as well as if indigenous African peoples ever had a name for the Continent. I have some references from a couple African scholars on this subject, and I have digitally scanned them directly from those books (and electronically highlighted them) in the links I provide for you below to read for yourself...

    It has often been said that Africa was named after a Roman military general, Scipio Africanus. I used to be one of the people who accepted this assumption without inspection as well, but for those who know Latin it is apparent to them that his name Africanus simply means "from Africa"; there in denoted by the -nus suffix. Africa could not have been named after this man if his name states he is coming from that place. He had the name because he was a military general stationed in Africa to defeat Hannibal's forces of Carthage to extend the Roman Empire. Therefore, he acquired the name "Africanus" because this is how he distinguished his military career. Considering this, the word "Africa" had to already be in use.

    As for the word "Africa", some of our scholars like Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan (an Ethiopian Jew) will tell you the most ancient word for the Continent is actually "Alkebu-lan" and uses it throughout most of his work. Particularly in his Black Man of the Nile and his Family there is a glossary of terms which include both "Africa" and "Alkebu-lan"...


    Dr. Ben-Jochannan asserts that the Greeks and Romans gave the name "Africa" to the Continent and "Alkebu-lan" is its original name by the indigenous peoples used by Ethiopians and later passed on to the Moors...


    One could stop there, but you always have to use multiple sources to cross-reference because we find this to be a half-truth...

    Another African scholar and Egyptologist by the name of Ivan Van Sertima edited the book Egypt Revisited and expresses something that Dr. Ben-Jochannan may not have been made aware. The word "Africa" actually has its roots in the ancient Egyptian language.


    The ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) word used then was "Af-rui-ka" which means "birthplace" in the Mtw Neter...


    Now we should be mindful that Africans did not necessarily call the Continent by the name"Africa"; however when abroad in greater Asia (including Europe) they would use the word af-rui-ka to refer to their "birthplace" or point of origin. What seems to have happened is the Indo-European peoples translated it into their own tongue as "Africa" and used it to refer to the entire Continent where our people hailed as home (or their "birthplace").

    Considering these facts, I find calling the Continent "Africa" or perhaps "Af-rui-ka" to be rather fitting. Referring to the Continent as our "point of origin" or "birthplace" could be the most accurate description, in our language, for Diasporic and Continental Africans.
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    Beloved Mighty warrior King god Thinking Beyond Research ShemsiEnTehuti:

    Beloved, if we are to redefine who and what we are are, we need to begin with the correct name for Afrika.

    We must not stop at research. We must allow our Soul-mind to go Beyond the research and see how deep the research is/Bugs Bunny Rabbit hole is.

    Thanks for being a Divine Black Thinker.

    :SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030:
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    Brother ShemsiEnTehuti ... welcome home ... great presentation ... looking forward to (learning more from) the discussion.


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    I have learned a lot already from this post. Thank you, brother. This makes it all worthwhile.
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    I was of the impression Africa was named Africa (of course, by europeans) because it was always sunny, dry and hot.. so I cruised the net and found I wasnt too far off the mark in this debate. Aphrike being Greek, and Aprica being Latin - both meaning warm & sunny.

    But, I grew up with the term Azania being the real Africa (sub sahara) so I looked that up too and found it was referenced from the Greek verb azainein - "to dry, parch".

    Very interesting topic, ShemsiEnTehuti. Looks like I have some serious researching of my own to do before I can confindently respond to this debate.
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    Ok bro, as your studies increase you will find that in the oldest language on the earth that we can read called the "Medu Neter" that the word "af" means "flesh". "Ra" means sun or light, "ka" means soul. Therefore we become the "flesh and soul of the sun"....or flesh and soul of the son....however you choose to look at it. The point is that, the people we now call Greeks and Romans may have easily mis-pronounced what our ancestors were telling them. One of the key points that Ivan Van Sertima points out in his work is that the naming of continents is a "fairly recent event". In other words, back in the day, the people had no way of knowing that once they crossed a great mountain or valley that they were still on the same continent. I address this issue in my book and how I think we as a people must deal with it.
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    Book of Beginnings Vol I pg 28 Par. III(Gerald Massey)

    I agree with the focus of this thread and therefore (adding on)

    Af-ra-Ka/ Afu-ra-Ka / Af-rui-ka

    Not a problem ...I agree with the connection that it implies.

    If Flesh/Sun/Soul is embedded in its meaning then *Cocka doodle Dooo!!*:qqb007:

    (Walk like the Sun/Son talk like the Sun is a heavy responsibility)

    The following taken from the Book in the above title:

    "The Auritae are of course the Ruti of monumental Egypt, the typical name of men *Par excellence*. But the prefix "Au" ( also, according to Shekhem ur Shekhem, as a Hekau /parenthesis mines) will add something to our knowledge of the pre-monumental Rut. Au in Egyptian means the oldest, the primordial. The word "Au" is the Egyptian "was," and the Au-rut means the race that was, the first and oldest race of men. Au is a modified form of Af. Both Au and Af signify born of. The name of Afrika is derived from this root Au or Af. The tongue of Egypt tells us that Af-rui-ka is the inner land ,born of, literally the birth place. "

    Through a chain of correspondences that appealed primarily to the right brain, the Metu Neter led *the ones who persevered* to know that they didn't unfold from a cold and sterile "Big Bang" into subsequent super-chimpanzees. (if that)

    Now whats the REAL "Bourne Ultimatum" Pert Em Heru....911 ...emerge N See...Code red on your Black .........
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    This is a tremendous thread :teach:
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    Le Bump?
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