Black People : Wars not for colonization, but wars for the profit of making war

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    Folks are still asking OK so if Iraq was about oil, then where's the drop in gas costs?

    But maybe these bull mess illegal wars are for another purpose, then imperialism.

    Maybe there is a new ism to categorize this wilding on rd world nations;
    Soldiers on Sale... Who’s In Charge of These Hired Killers?

    By Eric S. Margolis

    March 21, 2010 "Khaleej Times" - -A fascinating scandal has erupted in Washington over the use of mercenaries (‘private contractors’ in US terminology) that is exposing the dark underbelly of America’s foreign wars. It has been that the Pentagon and other US intelligence agencies secretly fielded mercenaries in Afghanistan, Pakistan (aka “Af-Pak”), and Iraq to assassinate tribal militants.

    US law forbids murder or using mercenaries. But, as the Roman jurist Cicero said, “laws are silent in times of war.”

    A former senior Pentagon official specialising in clandestine operations, Mike Furlong, set up a shell company, International Media Ventures (IMV), to supposedly provide the US military with “cultural information” about Afghanistan’s Pashtun tribes. Two obscure Pentagon outfits, the “Cultural Engineering Group” in Florida, and “Counter-Narco-terrorism Technology Programme” of Virginia funded Furlong with $24.6 million. Furlong hired a bunch of former Special Forces types and assorted thugs. These rent-a-Rambos’s real mission was to assassinate Pashtun leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and target tribal compounds for strikes by US Predator drones. Welcome to the modern version of

    full article;
     Soldiers on Sale... Who’s In Charge of These Hired Killers?    : Information Clearing House -  ICH