Black Poetry : Warriors Without Honor

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    Let A

    Black Women Speak

    Warriors Without Honor​

    Within these walls Men do not speak
    The teachings that men who show gentilities are weak
    Women do not listen a default in communication
    And the slave masters trick analogy begins to work.
    Books of darkness, shall appear in the light of conscious,
    Implementing sources of humanity,
    delete the whose and what,
    in mans darkness without couscous.
    Illusions of powers for man sakes.
    Warriors without honor
    Listen how the white man call
    Black women whores in a conservatives
    tone of voice. Nevertheless the whores
    Lye among there own family tree.

    So who I am I to be angry when my
    Brother do the same thing.
    Who am I to get angry when my sisters
    represent themselves as whores.
    So who am I to be angry when I sell
    My dignity for fame.

    Money has no power when you sell your soul,
    There is a lesson to be learned.
    A man who shame his family tree
    his hold culture will be wiped out in the blink of the eye.

    Without memory of the past to present,
    Giving the devil opportunities to lynch women through
    the corners of her mind,
    what is dignity if it is not honored
    Among the family tree. One will not
    be able to relate new experiences
    to ours executing
    stores of knowledge, knowlege is power,
    and a fool sits in waiting for self murder,
    there would be no sense of identity,
    no history, no civilization of who we are.

    Thinking the revolution is over.
    reading from the script of the devil.
    Look how the devil turn on Janet Jackson.
    Sister fell in the trap of the devil
    listen who sings and crys
    One black woman out the way.

    Ego has always been the death trap
    of all man. Sisters and Brothers high
    on the bling bling, never thinking with
    common since. To day you a star
    but God gives and take away.
    When honor has no fate.

    To defame honor the price is death
    to a woman.
    Will we ever learn.
    The hypnotic transformation of the bionic slave.
    The three stages of conformity to self.

    There are no warriors that live among
    the black
    foundation. The white man has called the
    black women a whore don’t see any one
    coming in there defense, the tom tom drums
    brings back the past. Sista’s to busy reading the books of
    the slave masters scripts.

    To understand memory we must also come to
    terms with forgetting, why some of the
    information that we once knew
    Is no longer available to us.
    Many of the answers to questions about
    Remembering and forgetting who we are.
    Honor among black women must begin now,
    what a bad taste warriors without honor to there race.
    Un relying memory of our
    Ancestors and the struggles and the lives they have given.
    To break the curse of the slave syndromes a black state
    Of mind.

    Planting the seed of destruction.
    Black men who love white women.
    Angry black women turn on black men.
    White men loving black women
    As they set traps forgetting the trick analogy
    That they set for the weak, never sleep on the devil
    He shall never change. Wisdom is knowledge and
    The ignorance of many think they know it all.

    Televise the revolution one is better than the other.
    The Black women warrior is dead.
    Jealousy and hate among black sisters.
    Ignorance intimidated by knowledge.
    Cut of the learning process turn on one another.
    Accept the causes and effects if it dose not apply to one another.
    All black men are dogs
    All black women are whores

    Control through the psychotic Fraud state of mind.
    Hypnosis and pain control inflicted within the circle
    Of a culture what we learn, what we think, what we think
    The future will bring, under a hypnotic state of mind.
    Reverse the state of mind watch them ******* turn on each other.
    Black men who sleep with white whores forfeit your inheritance/
    Even through the tramp is a whore I will reclaim your
    Fortunes step back black man even through she is a *****
    I will now begin the public lynching before the press.

    The white women says to the black man
    I know you want a white
    Women hanging on your arm, and the little boy forget his
    Honor and the devil laughs another ****** is dead.
    And the brothers are singing kill them black whores.
    And the women try to gain honor from the warriors
    Without honor and sell her dignity for a moment of fame.

    Black warriors no longer exists says some black men
    when it comes to the honor
    black women, Sisters that continue to play
    head games. When our foundations are
    falling apart.

    What is wrong with this picture, a white women could be the biggest
    Whore in the world, the white man is going to protect her
    Honor ever if he confronts her behind close doors.
    Black men that lynch there women for the world to see.
    So do sister’s who have no knowledge of coming together in
    Unity. Listen as the circle turns,
    See the devils as they begin to fall,
    What goes around is coming.

    Penalty is not after you die,
    It is right now, close me out.
    But the truth shall not be silence.
    Sinners prayers on the air,
    Blink, Blink, Blink
    Bit—shaking there as- for the world to see.
    Dollar bills hanging from roof to chair.
    Bit-h on leases we don’t give a dam
    Capitalistic dysfunctions , is anybody listening?

    Put them whores on the street
    Bring my money home to me.
    Crying slave mentality
    A culture that don’t link
    The unity only primary weapon
    Of contingent is, it is all about me.

    Sisters rapping the same empathic I’m a whore
    Come on and get me.
    Do you want some of my milk shake
    Listen how the media tells the Sisters
    whores will not be allowed.
    Warriors without honor.

    Nevertheless a Queen knows that this tarnishes
    the mind of our young. It teachs ours babies
    that her body is an out house for all the
    dogs who come her way.
    The body is the temple save it for a real black man.
    Wonder why men call black women the bit--
    word and scream the black warriors are dead.
    Sisters turn up there noise walking in the house of
    death, singing that we are one.
    Wisdom is power and respect is honor.
    The blind cannot lead the blind.
    And ignorance is the death to many cultures
    and nations.

    A man can crawl in the gutter
    and crawl like a dog, he stands up and
    he will be considered a man. Let a woman try it
    she will always be the scum of the earth.
    Warriors without honor who fault is it ?

    Mother of the Universe give great wisdom of love,
    Among the valley an the sun,
    I bring honor to earth,
    the universe.
    The incubation of land.
    I set forth the footprints,
    I set forth

    I sit before the Calvary with tears upon
    my eyes, the division of my children
    cry out loud. Yet the confess they speak
    for me, the blood that I shed, that my
    children one day would be free.
    The work of my blood is crying in shame.
    I women of the universe have now again
    felt the wipe of my own family tree.
    God rise me upon my own disbelief.

    Look through the windows of my mind.
    Beneath the seas,
    I walk with the torch,
    The light that shines upon women,
    The gift from God.

    The lynching of my sons,
    the march of freedom that I walk,
    the cage bird sing before my sons,
    who lived in a cage, in respect of freedom,
    the revolution that my children,
    should no longer feel,
    the pain of the darkness of hell.

    So I ask who am I to cry?
    when they silence the words of God.
    For the wicked have ate the roots of my family tree.
    I rise upon the Calvary with the torch of the light.
    Jealousy and hate is the devils who rejoiced my pain.
    I walked upon the cold waters,
    with pollution upon my feet,
    the revolutions of my children as the blood,
    I shed flows through there vein, selfish to there own needs,
    insecurity the lynching of freedom.

    My daughters of the spirit truth shall not
    be silence, treason by those who come
    in the image of women face. Shall no longer
    be the successors of her birth rights,
    Women the Nubian queen.
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    speak on it sista....whoa
    you caught me off guard with this one...
    you are so right...da ego is our worst enemy
    even more than pride...this was truly magnificent
    one love
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    Let them with minds overstand...

    Your words are like smelling salts 2 the unconscious.


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    Save the Black Race There Will Be No Back Door to Truth :flame: