Black Entertainment : Warning

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    Hold your fire like bad breathe//
    I be the last left//
    I cook motherfacker with bullets im a bad chef//
    Im second to none//
    Protecting my funds//
    Im the only lunatic that spay nine tecs just for fun//
    Im Elijah McCreary//
    I know you probably scary//
    Im a lyrically murderer nogga it's bodies I bury//
    I be ready for war//
    Bringing machetes and swords//
    Elijah dunt got crazy he wasn't this deadly before//
    Noggas playing the blues, blowin Harmonica Luwinsky//
    Blaming it on the whisky//
    Noggas know just how that sh*t be//
    Im ready to blow up a CB4 type nogga//
    If the dough right nogga//
    Then I'll flow right nogga//
    Give me 4 mics nogga//
    Cause im tighter than you//
    When im rappin, go home you got more writing to do//
    Noggas get in the club, wait on the weekend to come//
    Nogga thinkin they thugs, gun be speakin in tongue.