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    In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
    Artist: Tanya Stephens
    Album: Rebelution
    Year: 2006
    Title: Warn Dem

    Things bad now but trust me them could get worse
    Unless of course we come together and do something first
    And all mothers just gwaan pray cause it a go tek a lot more than a politician to save the day
    VERSE 1
    When the youths dem need a buss give them opportunity first
    Cause if them siddung and a lust it nah go safe fi none of us
    And all the guns weh used to rust a go rise up from the dust
    Police and soldiers haffi duck when them hear the guns a buss
    War a gwaan in Iraq, meh nu have nuh time fi penny that
    Me a watch the youths dem pon the block a rise the SK and the Glock
    It nuh safe gi go a shop, even pickney dem a drop
    Now tell me what we gonna do about that?

    A long time me did a warn dem
    Say the youths dem need fi eat some
    food a that can calm dem
    Dem never listen when dem hear a shot a drizzle, well here comes the storm then
    When the thunder start roll and get out of control we can't disarm them

    VERSE 2
    When opportunity mean fi wait outside another brother gate
    And when nuh food nuh inna yuh plate, you know your life yuh a go hate
    Your value nah appreciate no matter how you hold the fate
    You end up crooked and a look it, it nuh pay fi live so straight
    Seven years after college
    all now job no come
    So you overqualified
    still haffi live inna the slum
    Father dead you haffi take care of your mother and your son
    And your grip it all a done, you load the clip inna your gun
    It hard fi smile with everybody weh yuh meet everyday
    All when yuh do good
    you still a get beat everyday
    No have noten fi lose, yuh still deh pon the street everyday
    If you go prison at least, yuh get fi eat everyday


    VERSE 3
    When we actions nuh mirror what a come from we lips
    Simply means we must be a nation of hypocrites
    Politicians come from among us, as far I can see
    If somen wrong with them then some must be wrong with we
    A we meek them, a we elect them, and all the crap them a dish a we a take them
    So it's a little insane, when we start complaining, when the bullets start raining
    When a we the creator fi the harm them


    You know what? Me can't promise you
    say the youths dem a go drop the baretta
    Hell, me me can't even promise, you say me a go act better
    But one thing's for sure, we can mek a effort
    And that at least we can do before we lef earth

    Every boy every girl every man man together we can
    Every saint every sinner every politician together we can
    Every teacher every lawyer every doctor and every don
    Together we can
    warn dem.....