Black Poetry : War On The Black Man

In agreement,

We don't do enough for ourselves nor each other.
The are many avenues in society for African Americans...though it is not easy, it is available. I try to put in my poems enlightening words to motivate people, to observe the problem and seek solutions, not excuses....Educating, uniting, supporting and uplifting, such as this thread is providing. It is very important to educate ourselves and our children.....Some African American children feel it is more conducive to their survival to be streetwise, but it is academic education, that will excel us to financial and independent success. Due to the overwhelming statistics of children raising children..... warrants the phrase; It Takes A Whole Village To Raise A Child, is true. It is the informed adults who can relay the important message of academic education.

Madd Sistahly Love :heart:


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