Black Poetry : War On The Black Man

has it been this long since you first posted this PEACE?

the BLACK MAN'S purpose is to enlighten those whose insight is hindered by short lead them in the way of RIGHT that the might of our FATHER might be manifested in them.

we're not about PREJUDICE. we're not about HATRED. we're not about the many negative connotations that others have levied at us. we TRUST in the FATHER and the FATHER provides.

others wonder why we are so understanding. we have a giving heart...a kind, loving heart. therefore, our capacity...our capability to turn the other cheek is ingrained on our soul. that's what we know.

so, as others step on us...use us as rugs and stepping stones...we forgive. we understand. we allow things to happen that should never happen to us...will never happen to others...coz no others can shoulder the burden of such a heavy load.

this is who we are
this is our purpose.

Certainly right--but . . .

. . . a word of caution. As much as we might like to put all the blame on the white man for the black man's problems, and there are certainly many, the black man has also been responsible for many of his own problems including criminality, irresponsibility, incest and failure to educate himself. The school of hard knocks is not enough. Education cannot be stolen. Intelligence cannot be stolen. And, certainly, determination cannot be denied, but as long as the white man remains as a convenient excuse for the failure of black men, then black men will never rise past that thought. While the role of slavery and the institutional racism that pervaded this country for centuries cannot be denied, neither can it be denied that 2001 looks a lot different from 1951 and certainly from 1851.

Until we stand and take responsibility for ourselves we will suck the hind teat, take the last seat and look for reparations instead of preparations. There is no free lunch and in the black community, nothing is free except us and that is the determining point. We make the decisions about the lives we lead. Are there going to be setbacks and stumbling blocks? You bet there will be and worse, but because the game is rough is not a reason to quit. We all ready know that. What are we going to do about it?

The boogie man is a convenient scapegoat, but the answer now lies a little closer to home in the form of helping ourselves, of those who have ,moved up to look back and help, to getting serious about changing our culture from one of assimilation to one of creation. Sorry, I am rambling, but I think we do ourselves a disservice when we want to make the white man the reason for all of our problems without acknowledging that blacks kill other blacks, we steal from each other, we make illegitimate babies, we admire gangsters, we deplore education and many aren't willing to work hard. I'm sorry, I'm doing it again.

Amun-Ra ;)

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i read an article recently:

"...Black America is in a state of emergency...and they are fearful it may result in the creation of a permanent Black Underclass...Ponder these recent statistics: About two of every three black fourth grade students can barely read. They read below basic literacy levels, and barely comprehend the meaning of most words. This is according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the group responsible for issuing what is known as the nation’s report card.

And black literacy levels are the lowest of all major ethnic groups in the nation. Further, the rate of African-American illiteracy has barely changed over the past decade. Think about it: a decade from now, how will our children be able to function in this rapidly changing 21st century information-age society and global economy?"

we choose to blame others for our downfall but how can we blame others for our this day and age?


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