Black Poetry : War On The Black Man

You speak

from a place deep within. And it's all real, and nothing but the truth.

Say it, sis...say it! :heart:

And to Cindy ~there are places in our experiences, that the other cannot enter in to fully understand. However, historically, Black people are more adept at moving through the majority society, knowing how to do, what to say, and when to say and do it. We have learned to acculturate to survive. The majority society has never had to do any such thing. Thus they lack real understanding of us as a people. Therefore, the stereotypes thrive. We come together one on one and learn the truth.

Do not frustrate yourself with what you cannot relate to; and do not delude yourself into thinking that this race issue, will ever go away. We as individuals will make a difference in the way we choose to teach our children and treat humankind. But when I see the ugliness rear its head, (and it will happen to ME before it ever happens to you, just a fact) I know where it's coming from and keep on stepping, anyhow. Head to the sky.

Got nothing but love for you Cindy. But you've entered into a zone where we're gonna be real about the way it really is in the real world of Black people. Don't be offended. Just don't be deluded.

awwwwwww! You went there! gone get hot up in heya!

I see everyone definitely has an opinion on this topic, but first all praises to God the Creator for giving you this peice and recognize
what you have here is the question of the ages!
They have asked the question in so many different ways.
And what is the answer may seem trite , simplistic, even
They fear what they cannot control or understand.
They destroy that which is different from the norm or the average.
It is good to not rock the boat, the Black man had to row it.
He is so strong, so intimidating, even with 2.00 in his pocket
and a borrowed suit, he can start from nothing and go to something! He has the ability to assimilate which means or demonstrates high intellect, and you know that anyone in our
popular culture who has an ounce of creativity or originality is somewhat of an enigma! (look it up if you have to)! His PURPOSE
to place the world back into perfect union with the creator!
NOW! Here is the part where I go to the mental!NOW!Scientist have agreed that the first woman, 'Eve was a black female",
was not then Adam a black man? And if we are made in God's image and God and Jesus are one, and Jesus is Gods son!
Then why do you think they fear the Black man.
The black man has the ability to obliverate entire causasian
race with just his reproductive organs! MESSAGE....
"And when every face looks the same we will be like him of the
father"! May sound crazy, but then so did going to the moon
and a Black man becoming Mayor , of anywhere!

I thank you for your apology and I accept. However, you didn't hurt my feelings it was more on a disrespect level. What trust have you broken with me? You and I don't know one another and we've only had 2 e-mail contacts, concerning the matter at hand.......I don't understand that statement.

No hard feelings:)

Your words of wisdom were heard and greatly appreciated. Not many people step up to the plate and speak what is truth, for fear of hurting someone's feelings. You did us proud. Thank you for your support. :heart:

$RICH$~ You my dear brother.... are never far. Thank you. ;)

Madd Sistahly Love :heart:


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