Black Poetry : War On The Black Man


as i look down deep, i realize that my purpose isn't readily apparent. i live...therefore, i am. NOT TRUE. but, like you, i get lost in thought each time i think about it. GOD gave man a purpose--the edification of the FATHER. beyond that, i haven't endeavored to understand.

thank you for putting me on the path to better understanding.

nice read.
Your purpose....

You are what you a whole a human being. for if you distinguish yourself by prejudices then you are nothing. Be it black and and and and rich. black men are to be. Your purpose in life is what you make it. God teaches us to do good. To withstand all that we go through for it makes us a better person. And next to a black woman...I think a black man is a wonderful human being. For if they are strong...they turn their hatred into good. They look at those who discriminate them and treat others with respect. They look at those who are scared of them because of their color and make sure they don't do the same to others. You see...a strong black man makes a place in this world, makes himself known in a good way without force. And stands out for the world to see. So a white man truly only tries to strip him of his idenitity and to envy. But the world is forever changing...and constantly rearranging. there wil always be a difference in every human being. No matter what, who, when or where we are.

black man is the original and mutants fear our strength conquer and divide
need i say more, also black man like the american indian is in tune with nature, unlike mutants


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