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    By Andre Austin

    The Son of Man deeds in the Bible is a perquisite for the Kingdom of the Lord to come into existence. Son of Man deeds are required for the Second Coming of Jesus. The Son of Man was Titus a gay General/Emperor of Rome; also being a Messiah, Anti-Christ whose Jesus ministry is a parody of Titus military campaigns. Josephus War of the Jews and The new Testament are completely entwined and mutually supportive making them a product of the same individual or group of writers for the Roman aristocracy. The elite knew the real meaning while the masses of yesterday and today did do not have a brainwashed clue.

    Jesus made clear predictions as to what would happen when the son of man came. He prophesied that during the Son of man’s visitation Galilean towns would be destroyed, Jerusalem would be encircled with a wall, and the temple would be razed. Virtually every episode of Jesus ministry was based upon events that occurred during the Roman Caesar Titus military campaign through Israel. The only person in history who accomplished the predictions Jesus made concerning the Son of Man precisely within the time frame of a Generation of 40 years was Titus from 66-73AD with the destruction of Masada in 73AD.

    Josephus wrote War of the Jews (WOJ) in 7 books. Books 3-7 gives the most clear example of the Gospels being a parody of Titus military campaign. Too many facts and details in the War of the Jews book and the Gospel. Titus backdated Jesus ministry to 30AD enabling him to foresee events in the so called future. And many events you think happened between 30-33AD happened between 66-73AD. For example:

    1. The word Gospel means military victory see WOJ 3,10, 503 & Luke 4:42-43

    2. Jesus ministry begins by fishing for Men Titus begins by spearing men out of Lake

    3. Joseph Bar Matthias the author of WOJ gets permission from Titus to bring down three crucified people and some survives death. Joseph of Arimathea gets permission to bring down the body of Jesus (John 19:38). The Gospel of Barnabas names him Joseph of Barimathea. Both incidents take place at the place of the Skull (Matthew 27:33) or a Village called Thecoa (inquiring minds). You have to read The Life of Josephus (75 417-421) by Josephus which is at the beginning of his book before the WOJ.

    4. Mary House of Hyssop (John 19:29) cannibalized son in WOJ. Her heart is pierced, (Luke 2:34-35), She stops giving suck (Matthew 24:19) can all be found in WOJ book 6,3. 4 201-219.

    5. Son of Man coming in clouds pick up Titus by Eagle and takes the 7 candlesticks Rev 2:5 and takes the 2 candlesticks Rev 11:4. See WOJ Book 6, 6 298-301; also Book 6 388 for Two candles and Book 7 148-152.

    These are just the main parallels with WOJ & the New Testament. There are dozens and dozens back to back flowing in the same sequence with the WOJ and New Testament. After reading both I learned some of the military terms discussed in both. For example:

    A. Scorpion is nicknamed of the Ballista artillery used to throw stone balls Jews called eggs in the bible.

    B. Eagle was symbolic of the Roman Army. Plays role in NT Noah of eating dead.

    C. Baptize with fire might be military term for making lamps out of carcass see Luke 11:33-36

    D. Joseph bar Matthias inserts variations of his last name into the genealogy of Jesus see Luke 3:23-37. 6 names of Matthat twice, Mattahias, twice Maath once and Mattatha once are mentioned. They even insert a Matthias to replace Judas with the use of puning of a fictional 2 people who is 1 man. Josephus claims to be ancestor of the Maccabees by way of a daughter of Simon, son of Matthias. Half of Lukes genealogy named after Egyptian Gods of dynasty duration especialy that of Methuselah whose life is the duration of the Memphite Dynasty in Egypt. Joseph appears again in acts: “So they proposed two men Joseph called Barsabbas and Matthias” (Acts 1:23).

    E. Finally we read about Titus building a wall around the city (Luke 21: 10-20/ WOJ 5,12, 499-501), Tree’s cut down Luke 13:6-9) also see Jude 12 WOJ 5, 3,106; Building a tower to go over the Wall Luke 14:28-30/WOJ 5, 3, 128-135

    F. Live by sword die by it WOJ 3, 7 296.

    G. Crying Stones of the Scorpion Luke 19 WOJ 5,6, 269-273

    H. Trinity no longer a mystery=Vespassian, Titus and spirit

    I. John the Baptist had a demon and the Son of man was a glutton (greedy) a drunkard and friend of tax collectors (Luke 7:33-35. This fits Titus Suetonius wrote “Titus believed to be profligate (reckless) as cruel because of the riotous parties which he kept going far into the night…he also had a reputation for greed” (Life of the 12 Caesars). In WOJ 4,7 there is a rebel leader john infected with a demon that effects many like pigs/men ran over a cliff.

    J. Titus creates a priesthood called the Flamines to administer cult. This is similar to Angels as Flames of fire servants (Hebrews 1:7). Gays are nicknamed flaming red hot homosexuals sitting on top of a fire hydrant.

    K. The Romans cut off the root and branch of messiah leadership by pruning and crucifying Jews on Mount Olives. Then they graft and create Hybrids of their own. Titus makes himself symbolic of Olive branch (Romans 11:17-25) and WOJ 6,2 157158, 161-163 also book 7 6, 178-185. Melchizedek priesthood made into new branch because it had no lineage and the others were killed off by Roman (Hebrews 7:1-25). From this killing we get the context of souls in heaven being like angels not being able to marry. I don’t know if they thought flesh could enter heaven in Paul’s opinion because they quote Jesus saying its better to enter heaven a eunuch or without a hand. Titus brother had to outlaw pruning because he had too many eunuchs and homosexuals servants. Maybe from this history the strong aversion of priests getting married came from.


    From Suetonius’s Life of the twelve Caesars:

    “Titus owned a troop of inverts (Homosexuals) and eunuchs…broke off relations with some of his favorite boys”.

    Be grateful of the gay Titus who allowed Josephus to bring down the body of the one you thought appeared to be Jesus. And there is no second coming without this gay due deeds. Without this homosexual no New Testament could have been written.