Black Poetry : WAR IN THE GHETTO

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    Author Jacqueline Amos /Ashanta

    Capitalistic Dysfunctions, Psychological Lynching, Genocide, Middleman destroying the legacy of a powerful Tribe. Jealousy and hate, Sister to Sister bashing, Brother-to-Brother Dysfunctions, Institutionalization babies, Crack Addicted, Pollution, familiarize your destiny; the fires are burning. Drug Dealing, Raping the roots that will no longer grow. Instant death to self, Zombies the walking dead, Powerless upon self. Gang Banging, Jealousy and Hate, Zombies un centralized, Ignorance that just want think. Preaching morals an values, living in a cardboard box, with mindless men without leadership within self, useless sperm destruction of creation, no loyalty to God, only self, man who makes his own laws, satins children just go on an dye, so you can live within the darkness of hell. I thy brother’s keeper colorless is the name of thy God. Criminals On Patrol (COP) Under Satin Authority (USA)
    Million lies told by the devil him self, to continue to reverse the truth, Screams of authority, majority of the devils children, who sings his own songs. Brainwashing those to validate, those things that are not Gods laws, satin within his own trick analogy, he hides behind the white cloak.

    “Stop The War”

    I give to thee the lifeline that you may grow in the Universe. Your tribes shall carry your name, and the seed shall live on. I give to thee the jewels women that you shall breed, many nations that your legacy shall live on. I the father and the son of prophesy hear me as I speak. Let not vanity kill your roots, as the lynching of your brothers shall repeat, until you my son come together as one. Damnation shall be your legacy to come.
    The darkness that hides behind walls consignment of death closed in walls. Harvesting the darkness of self. The windows are foggy cannot see the light. The sparrows are closing in; hidden in a box, find thy soul what goes on in space? Justifying the wrongs for the rights. Toxins that filled blood, sipping on death, oppressor of self, surrounding hate, pollutions has no fate.


    Dark as the tunnel, which I dwell, the light that brings life. Thy travels from heavens to earth, the love that embrace. The past has return to life, the scars of a past continues to repeat, the same mistakes. Resurrection of a soul that lives, to complete the missions of the pass life. Indoctrinations of the rules, which must be held. The decay of a world that awaits my growth. Sins of the fathers that reigns within its on curse.
    Expression ecological and planetary perspectives, sacred places of thy fathers trust. Every person a mission, everything a purpose mind and spirit shall re-group. Balancing the mind of the universe. God’s spoken words un rehearses. The beat of the Universe flows fiercely, fascinations of the living breath.
    Death becomes life in a world order, of complexity within the diversity, of the soul of men. Strength of justice shall sing on the mountain of Calvary. Be still and rewrite the past, which continues to repeat. The fires of belligerency, the voices of rotten death.

    I cry, I cry, I cry, strong until the light, shall over power the dark. To die in hell is to survive the sins, of the human birth. In hell has no fury in disguise, of a people that returns from the ancient dust. The wound is deep, dark as the night, bandage of darkness, the sins have fell upon the new entries of life. Chants of the haunting births of death, that lingers for the new victims, which arrive.
    Desolating the curse of a new life. The soul of breath takes new diversions, of the next life, subsiding the kinship, which follows in its light. Moist upon thy universe the foundations, has fallen within the pits of hell. The cloak, which has, tarnishes God spoken words. To do are to dye, to live are to change, to repeat a living death. Thy torch that renders the ceremony, of new breath, the reflections of a darken past.
    Within the realms of instant death. I the soul of man, I the resurrections of the past, I the spoken words sin of human birth, oh thou devils son’s of vows, creations of darkness, that sets upon the earth. Cowry shells cries upon my feet. In an ending of a shallow death, meaningless, tears form, a culture, country, destruction of mans own right hand.

    Genocide of thy Accessorial tree. Thy ancestors who died for freedom, that thy unity be a truce of all that comes, within the circle of universe, the eyes have seen the blood of thy sons, thy back has felt the heat of thy whip, thy walk with the scars on my back, and the blood in the palms of my hands. Desires of wanting, pain that seeks through the vain, pleading to inner depths of the mind.
    Cease and assist thy family tree of heritage, which hangs from the death of the root of thy tree. Thirsting for the walls to open, love locked, boundaries of no return, the fleeing of diversity, that has no humanitarian conscious of self. The battling upon heritage loyalty only to self- Murder, Greed, Deception, Blaspheme, Hatred, Jealousy, Adultery, Slavery of thy sons hanged to the cross.

    I reclaim my sacred grounds of earth, your children shall feel, the disobedience of your pain. Sing not the songs of thee, sing not the glory of greed, sing not the glory of death, sing not the glory of hate, sing not the glory of transgression, thou shall see the anthology of trickery, to deceive my children. I cry the words of revolution, my war shall be won, only thy God, will have the last words. Trampling on thy creations, man shall no longer live within thy heavens. All who come in war. I love, I creations, I father, I only one God. Come not in the tongue of thy words, I am love, I am creation, I am one. Tears upon my pillow, starved for family, cursed by man.
    I have returned to the solitude, of the wilderness,the place of the beginning I cry no victim song. No longer shall I be the servant; the master has lost his key. Integrity roots of essentiality, Silencing concepts of tomorrow, through the vessels of all words, Seductions of life and dreams, within the fears and doubts, depths of human conditions.
    Women warriors of the night, women in chains, shall be broke. War declared upon the Universe. Let the world scream, man shall have no glory, upon the thieves of the Universe. Oh the black souls in which it stands, Treason that is declared upon the creations of God. Prison that live within the captivity of Ego. The raping of Gods gift to man. Treason of images that walk upon Gods Land. Treasures of wickedness profit nothing:


    Emotional bureaucracy, mental catastrophes, genocide the role that man play; Servant to Satin and his family tree; I the ancestor of the motherland, sits upon the rock of thy legacy, thou shall not be still, brutal murders, alienations of masses, in human acts, crime against society diminishing, my spiritual grounds of my ancestors lands.
    Un Compromising attacks of the future, and the past, I reclaim my stool, visitors must leave. I reclaim my rightful place. I the legacy of my father’s spiritual palace. I shall return and reclaim my rightful place. My arms are long; I carried the world on my back. I come with revenge. You are commanded, to leave my palace, I come with the army of thy God. I the mother of the Universe.

    Motherland inheritance from God. I the mist of tears. I sought the essences of peace. I turn me gracefully. Thunderous storms above thy feet. Thirsting upon the nights, thy blood run through thy motherlands. My children of the child like heart. The cry through the night, the thoughts that shivers, the summoned of calm. My children turn a deaf ear, to thy words and adapt the legacy, of the devil himself, the curse shall be broken, thy God shall return upon the earth. Oh the greed of the universe has tarnished the emperor of its on self worth. Thy sing the words of thy ancestors, many who have came, thy sons denied they rightful place.
    The harvest of the jewels shall turn and tarnish and kill the serpent that has stolen its great wealth. I am the whom thy seek. Thou gravest love, from thee, who gravest love from me. I summon the thieves that sold my children to the serpents of disease; you shall also feel the pain of the wipe. Nevertheless you wear the same face. There shall be no mercy upon those, who sold my children to weakness of man, a sin against your own family tree.
    There shall be no bargaining with the devil, there is no reasoning that I seek. Society Program Integrity, fear of slave mentality, extermination, destruction of a reproduction. See self-deceptions, Black glutton walk like a King, talk like a serpent, hiding behind face. I closed my eyes not to color, but the serpents, which sat darkness before the land. I the creations of thy God. I cry no victim song. Its now time you leave my house. I am coming with the army of thy God.

    noumi collectives Author Jacqueline [email protected]